Don’t compliment Abbie Minton, Sarah Shomaker, or Jessica Roat on her outfit, please. “We should be lifting up other women in more concrete ways than commenting on their earrings,” Roat says. The trio’s new nonprofit, the Women’s Wine Guild of Colorado (WWGC), aims to do that by connecting, educating, and supporting local female wine professionals—and you. On the pro side, the WWGC offers networking events, seminars, and mentorship opportunities so Centennial State sommeliers, wine sales reps, hospitality students, and other women in the food and beverage industry can collaborate and advance in their fields. For regular ol’ enthusiasts, the WWGC’s events (think: tastings with renowned international female winemakers; classes on self-defense and professional development, among other topics; and meetups with local experts) open a door into a world where women’s empowerment flows like, well, wine.