Tivoli Brewing Company + Bacon Social House = Peachy Keen Brunch Beer

What happens when a brewery and a pork-centric restaurant create a beer? Brunchtime magic, that’s what. At a morning-friendly 4.5 percent ABV, Peachy Keen is a rich ale bursting with stone-fruit flavors, thanks to the 180 pounds of Palisade peaches that went into the tank.
Find It: At Bacon Social House’s two locations

Goldspot Brewing Company + Laws Whiskey House + Bonacquisti Wine Company = Dopplebock

For the Regis neighborhood brewery’s fifth anniversary this month, Kelissa Hieber, Goldspot’s head brewer, worked with Laws and Bonacquisti on a special three-way project: First, Laws aged its three-year-old bourbon in Bonacquisti’s Cabernet barrels for at least 18 months; then, Hieber put a malt-forward dopplebock into the same barrels for four months. The result is a rich lager with notes of blackberries, raisins, caramel, and vanilla.
Find It: At Goldspot’s taproom in late February

Bruz Beers + Brewed Food = Le Renne & La Reine

Bruz’s lead brewer, Dave Olson, and Brewed Food (a local test kitchen/culinary laboratory) chef Jensen Cummings are the ultimate fermentation nerds. Here, they got geeky exploring how two different sets of “good bugs” (the yeast strains that jump-start fermentation) would affect one base beer: They fermented half of a batch of a wheat-, oat-, and malted-barley-base beer with a Norwegian kveik farmhouse yeast and the other half with a blend of Belgian saison strains. The kveik yeast created a juicy, American IPA–esque brew (Le Renne) with notes of orange marmalade, while the saison bugs resulted in a delicate, ultradry beer (La Reine) with spicy strawberry flavors and a haylike aroma.
Find Them: At Bruz Beers’ two taprooms