I absolutely adore Denver, but it’s fair to say the Mile High City doesn’t have the same kind of sights as New York City (the Empire State Building), San Francisco (Lombard Street), or Boston (Beacon Hill). Put another way: The 16th Street Mall is not the Sunset Strip. But as residents of Denver know, the lack of boldface sightseeing stops doesn’t mean our city is any less charming or wonderful—and it doesn’t mean it’s any less fun to show family and friends around when, inevitably, they come to visit. It just means you might have to put a little more thought into your itinerary, and that was the motivation behind creating “The Ultimate Host’s Guide To Denver.” “In some ways, every issue we do is filled with ideas for how to best explore and showcase the city,” says managing editor Jessica LaRusso, who reported and wrote the feature. “We usually focus on what’s new, though, so this gave us the opportunity to revisit some of the classics. Also, because Denver isn’t one of those cities with a bunch of tourist hot spots, showing off our town is more about demonstrating what it’s like to actually live here. I think we did that.” I couldn’t agree more—and I think you will, too, as you use LaRusso’s piece as your go-to guide for prepping for springtime visitors.