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Photo by Jennifer Olson

How the COVID-19 Pandemic Helped Coloradans Enjoy Their Porches More

We asked some of the people photographer Jennifer Olson captured for the #frontstepsproject how staying home more allowed them to appreciate the outdoor spaces.

Bob McCormick with his wife, Sherri Moore (above), West Highland: “I told my wife when we moved out to Colorado [to be near family]: The only thing I really want is a front porch. We’re kind of fixtures on the porch. I sit here, in my rocking chair, because I feel like it’s my spot.”

Photo by Jennifer Olson

Lois Brink with her daughter, Helen Gaffigan, Congress Park: “For the past month or so, we’ve opened the windows almost every night. The French doors are my window on the world—I can say hi to friends, watch rainstorms, and deadhead my flower boxes.”

Photo by Jennifer Olson

Hae Monroe with her daughter, Maya, Lakewood: “I love that sitting on your porch is an indirect way of telling neighbors that you are open to visitors and conversation. My front porch made me appreciate our street and neighbors so much more. It’s nice to get a window into their lives.”

Photo by Jennifer Olson

Tara Duncan with her husband, Malik, and daughters, Austin and Evan, northeast Denver: “There is something refreshing about lounging in open air that was easy to lose sight of when our lives were packed with activities. I understand why it’s [our dog] Levi’s favorite place.”

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