Gift Idea #1: Art Print

Art Print
Photo courtesy of Sacred Thistle

Get It: Sacred Thistle
“This petite print by Denver artist Marsha Robinson (aka Strange Dirt) makes a special gift because the hostess will think of you whenever she looks at it—and it’s fun to receive a decor item for your home. (Bonus points for supporting a local artist with your gift!)”

Gift Idea #2: Speciality Olive Oil

Specialty Olive Oil
Photo courtesy of Guiliana Direct Olive Oil

Get It: Giuliana Direct Olive Oil
“Giuliana Direct Olive Oil has an incredible selection of olive oils from around the world, and in my opinion, a specialty bottle is just as good as a nice bottle of wine. My favorite option is La Cultivada Hojiblanca 2019 for its elegant flavor.”

Gift Idea #3: Floral Apron

Floral Apron
Photo courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Get It: Williams-Sonoma
“I love giving—or receiving—a pretty apron! It’s a thoughtful gift a host can use again and again.”

Gift Idea #4: Wet Wipes

Wet Wipes
Photo courtesy of Wipeys

Get It: Rosy Rings Studio
“Wipeys is a Denver–based startup that launched in March (good timing!), and offers four types of single-use wet wipes: hands, face, device, and surface. They come in beautiful boxes and make great accessories to keep in a kitchen or bathroom.”

Gift Idea #5: Gourmet Chocolate

Ritual Chocolate
Photo courtesy of Ritual Chocolates

Get It: Temper Chocolates inside Denver Central Market
“You can never go wrong bringing chocolate to someone’s home. I love Ritual: small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate made using old-world methods and premium cacao.”

Gift Idea #6: Taper Candles

Taper Candles
Photo courtesy of Miller Lane Mercantile

Get It: Miller Lane Mercantile
“Taper candles are something hosts can keep out on their dining table, in their living room, or even in the kitchen. I love the simplicity of this set; they pair well with any style.”

Gift Idea #7: Bottled Cocktails

Bottled Cocktails
Photo courtesy of Hudson Hill

Get It: Hudson Hill
“Hudson Hill now offers to-go versions of their craft cocktails that you can order online for pickup. My personal favorite: the Johnny Thunders, which has mezcal, rum, Aperol, pineapple juice, Thai tea, and lemon. Each bottle is the bar’s own recipe and serves two to four people.”