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I voted sticker 2020
Illustration by Sean Parsons

We’ve Got an “I Voted” Sticker for You

Voting by mail is great and all, but what about those quintessential “I Voted” stickers? Download one here.

If there’s any downside to voting by mail, it’s the absence of the perennial favorite “I Voted” sticker. Especially during an election that is already seeing record turnout, donning that red-white-and-blue badge of honor is a surefire way to rack up the likes and prove that you’ve performed your civic duty.

While you can still vote in person—and get the sought-after sticker—in Colorado, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic coupled with how easy it is to cast a ballot by mail makes it undesirable and, to be honest, kind of unnecessary (RIP in-person voting).

But we want you to be able to share that you’ve voted with pride! So, we asked Associate Art Director Sean Parsons to create a virtual “I Voted” sticker that you can share far and wide. It’s the least we can do.

One more thing: Before you fill out your ballot, check out 5280‘s guide to the 2020 election so you can vote with confidence.

Download your sticker as a PDF

Download your sticker as a JPEG

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