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A Thanksgiving meal from the Empire Lounge in Louisville. Photo courtesy of the Empire Lounge
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Your 2020 Guide to Thanksgiving Dinner on the Front Range

Where to pick up full meals, from-scratch sides, perfect pies, wine packs, and more, so you can relax.

If it feels like a good time to give your quarantine cooking skills a rest, you’re in luck: The culinary pros behind the best restaurants on the Front Range are happy to do the work for you this Thanksgiving. Choose between dine-in or takeout, traditional or contemporary dinners, and pies galore from the local independent spots here. 

Where to Order Full Feasts & Turkeys 

American Elm at Home
4132 W. 38th Ave.
The deal: A classic feast from chef Brent Turnipseede, available for pick-up November 25 or 26
What’s for dinner: The meal includes a 14- or 20-pound whole roast turkey with American Elm biscuit stuffing, Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, Southern green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie.
Price: Starting at $125 for two
How to order: Online by November 22

909 Walnut St., Boulder
The deal: Turkeys, capons, pies, cranberry sauce, and drinks, available for pick-up through November 26
What’s for dinner: Order brined turkeys in various sizes or smaller capons (which serve 5 to 7 people, with leftovers); pints of cranberry sauce with Satsuma mandarin, cardamom, and ginger; pumpkin and pecan pies; batched or individual cocktails; and holiday wine packs in a range of sizes and prices.
Price: Turkeys start at $135, capons at $99; pumpkin pie costs $20, pecan pie is $32; cranberry sauce is $12 per pint; drinks range from $9 for an individual cocktail to $300 for a reserve wine pack.
How to order: Online or call (303) 444-3885

A Spice of Life
5441 Central Ave., #272, Boulder
The deal: A classic dinner for four to six people, available for pick-up or delivery on November 25
What’s for dinner: Dig into buttermilk mashed potatoes, garlicky haricot verts, maple whipped sweet potatoes with pecan streusel, Dan’s Famous Stuffing Muffins, and a roasted turkey breast with rosemary gravy.
Pies: Pumpkin, apple
Price: $175, plus $20 per pie
How to order: Call 303-443-4049; no deadline to order

The Bindery
1817 Central St.
The deal: Three menu options, plus tons of desserts and breads from chef Linda Hampsten Fox, available for timed pick-up on November 26
What’s for dinner: First, choose your turkey: a whole large bird feeds 10 to 14; a small turkey feeds six to eight; and a breast (or celeriac steaks for vegetarians) feed two. Next, select one of two menu options: Highlights of the first include adobo-roasted turkey with gravy, chorizo, and cornbread stuffing, while the second features a rosemary- and sage-roasted turkey with wild mushroom and sausage sourdough stuffing.
Pies: Bourbon pecan, apple, apple cranberry, pumpkin, sweet potato pecan
Price: $400 for a large turkey meal; $260 for a small turkey meal; $110 for a turkey breast; $80 for the vegetarian option; pies range from $22–30
How to order: Call 303-993-2364 by November 22

Bistro Vendôme 
1420 Larimer St., Ste. 1705
The deal: A Thanksgiving spread infused with French flavors, available for pick-up November 25 or 26
What’s for dinner: There are several starter options to chose from, including a charcuterie platter, cheese platter, onion soup, or butternut squash bisque. Then move onto the main course: your choice of boeuf bourguignon, duck confit, or whole orange duck, plus three sides, which range from sweet potato mash and haricot verts almondine to savory cranberry tarragon pain perdu (bread pudding).
Desserts: Pumpkin crème brûlée, apple cinnamon pain perdu
Price: $44 per person for boeuf bourguignon; $39 per person for confit de canard; $195 per person for canard à l’orange; hors d’oeuvres start at $5 per person
How to order: Online or call 303-825-3232 by November 20 

730 University Blvd.
The deal: A traditional dinner with all of the staples
What’s for dinner: The meal includes a brined and slow-smoked turkey breast; sausage-stuffed turkey leg roulade; roasted turkey gravy; whipped Yukon Gold potatoes; pretzel stuffing; roasted pan-seared Brussels sprouts, honey-roasted carrots, and parsnips; cranberry sauce; and cast-iron cookies with salted caramel, candied walnuts, and vanilla ice cream. Add on mashed sweet potatoes or cornbread with whipped honey butter and fancy salt, if you like.
Price: $45 per person, extra sides are $8
How to order: Online; no deadline

10195 E. 29th Dr., Ste. 110, Central Park
The deal: A limited number of turduckens prepared by chef Elise Wiggins, available for pick-up November 23 through 25
What’s for dinner: A turducken, of course, which is a deboned chicken stuffed into a duck stuffed into a turkey, with layers of rice pecan dressing, creole andouille cornbread dressing, and boudin dressing in between the birds. This 25-pound feast feeds eight to 12 people and comes to you uncooked; put it into a 190-degree oven the night before you want to eat it and wake up to a house that smells like Thanksgiving.
Price: $200
How to order: Call 303-645-3779 by November 21

1300 S. Pearl St. and 4340 E. 8th Ave.
The deal: Rotisserie chicken dinners for four people and á la carte sides and drinks from chef Alex Seidel’s beloved Aussie-style chook shop, available from November 23 through November 27
What’s for dinner: Opt for the four-person feast, and you get a whole rotisserie chicken, three bigger sides such as stuffing and sweet potatoes, a large salad, and your choice of pecan or pumpkin pies from Füdmil. You can also order party-sized side dishes from the regular menu, buy containers of Chook’s marvelous gravy, packages of rolls for next-day sandwiches, bottles of hot toddies and mulled wine, and Chook Salt, for seasoning all of the above (not the pies).
Price: $59.95 for the meal, other prices vary
How to order: Online

Edible Beats Restaurants
The deal: At-home offerings via a collaboration between chef Justin Cucci’s Root Down, Linger, and El Five—plus a separate vegan and gluten-free option, available for pick-up November 24 or 25
What’s for dinner: A Barber’s Foods all-natural turkey, prepared two ways: cured and sous-vide-cooked legs and brined, roasted breasts. Choose from Yukon Gold and cauliflower mashed potatoes or a sweet potato dauphinoise. You also get cornbread stuffing with Spanish chorizo, apples, chestnuts, and shiitakes, and your choice of a veggie side. Vegan and gluten-free options are also available.
Pies: Key lime avocado, rye whiskey pecan, pumpkin, apple, purple sweet potato and kabocha squash, spiced pumpkin, and whiskey pecan
Price: $41 per person (or $35 per person for the vegan/gluten-free option); pies are $24–30
How to order: Online by November 22

The Empire Lounge & Restaurant
816 Main Street, Louisville
The deal: A complete meal for four to six people, available for pick-up on November 25
What’s for dinner: Enjoy a bacon-wrapped turkey with Italian sausage stuffing, Empire mashers, whipped bourbon candied pecan sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, citrus and Grand Marnier cranberry sauce, and Parker House rolls with whipped cinnamon apple butter.
Pies: Pumpkin with ice cream
Price: $80, plus $20 for pie and ice cream
How to order: Online or call 303-665-2521 by November 22

The Fort
19192 CO-8, Morrison
The deal: A complete meal for four to six, available for a pre-booked pick-up time the week of November 23
What’s for dinner: Feast on honey-roasted turkey breast (15 slices); au jus; buttered mashed potatoes; sausage and apple stuffing; fire-roasted maple yams; green beans with almonds; two quarts of gravy; two cups of cranberry relish; one brandied pumpkin pie; and 12 pumpkin walnut muffins with butter.
Price: $185
How to order: Call 303-697-4771; no deadline

1776 Grant St.
The deal: Thanksgiving dinner with a contemporary Italian twist, available for timed pick-up on November 26
What’s for dinner: Enjoy herb and lemon olive oil roasted turkey breast and turkey leg ballotine; candied garnet yams; cauliflower, green bean, and mushroom casserole; garlic mashed potatoes; roasted butternut squash with apricot brown butter; and ciabatta bread stuffing. Finish with a pumpkin custard tart, vanilla bean crème chantilly, and Frangelico crème anglaise.
Price: $38 per person
How to order: Online; no deadline

3258 Larimer St.
The deal: A Southern dinner from chef Kyle Foster for eight to 10 people, available for pick-up on November 25
What’s for dinner: Take home a 10–12 pound heritage turkey (available smoked, traditionally brined and roasted, or raw, with cooking instructions included). The meal also includes 10 of Foster’s exemplary buttermilk biscuits and a choice of three sides from a bevy of options, including sweet potato casserole with marshmallows and toasted pecans and a seasonal slaw with dried cranberries and orange vinaigrette.
Price: $215
How to order: Online; no deadline

1600 15th St.
The deal: Curate your own Thanksgiving feast, with options courtesy of chef Max MacKissock, for pick-up or delivery on November 24 or 25
What’s for dinner: Morin will prepare the turkey, the sides, dessert, or the entire shebang. The turkey-included option includes a sous-vide turkey breast and maple-glazed smoked turkey leg. Sides range from potato purée and golden raisin dressing to roasted root vegetables, herbed creamed greens, Parker House rolls, and cranberry sauce. For a little something extra, add on a charcuterie platter, shrimp cocktail, or baked creme de citeaux cheese en croute to your order. Plus, you can dip into Morin’s cellar by adding on drink options, including an eight-ounce flask of bourbon old fashioneds, plus several different wine choices.
Pie: Apple and pumpkin pie, plus an à la mode option with a pint of crème fraîche ice cream
Price: Starting at $40 per person; snacks start at $30; drinks start at $20
How to order: Online by November 22

Restaurant Olivia
290 S. Downing St.
The deal: Sweet and savory versions of chef Ty Leon’s excellent pies for two or four people, available for pick-up November 24–25
What’s for dinner: Pie, baby. Savory pies include beef bourguignon with braised beef, roasted vegetables, and demi-glace; stuffed turkey pie with garlic mashed potatoes, gravy, and cranberry; and vegetable pie filled with creamed spinach and roasted mushrooms. For sweet options, choose from caramel apple, bourbon pecan, and pumpkin. Dinner for two includes one savory pie, one sweet pie, salad, and a bottle of wine; dinner for four comes with an extra savory pie. A Master Sommelier six-pack of takeout wine is also available, as are take-and-bake lasagnas.
Price: $55 for dinner for two; $95 for dinner for four; $25 for savory pies; $20 for sweet pies; $89 for the curated wine pack
How to order: Online; no deadline

1431 Larimer St.
The deal: A made-for-TV holiday meal inspired by chef Jennifer Jasinski’s appearance on the Food Network Thanksgiving Challenge, available for pick-up November 25 or 26
What’s for dinner: Begin with a pomegranate-apple-endive salad with fennel seed vinaigrette, followed by a bird prepared two ways: stuffed turkey leg with turkey apricot sausage and oven-roasted turkey breast with turkey gravy. Sides include moscato- and rosemary-glazed vegetables and pine nut sage bread pudding. You can add on additional sides like rosemary goat cheese biscuits, crème fraîche mashed potatoes, cranberry chutney, and housemade lavender sourdough. Bourbon pecan pie is the finale.
Price: $45 per person; sides start at $5 per person
How to order: Online by November 20 

River Bear American Meats
Inside Leevers Locavore (2630 W. 38th Ave.)
The deal: Fresh and frozen responsibly raised Ferndale Market turkeys from Cannon Falls, Minnesota, Nueske’s spiral-sliced ham, and River Bear pork sausages
Price: $3.99 per pound for fresh turkeys; $2.99 per pound for frozen turkeys; $8.99 per pound for ham; $6.99 per pound for sausage
How to order: In-person at the butcher counter, or call 720-738-7481 

Ska Street Brewstillery
1600 38th St., Boulder
The deal: A smoked turkey meal for four to six people, available for pick-up on November 26
What’s for dinner: Choose four sides from green bean casserole; duck jambalaya; cornbread stuffing; brown butter mashed potatoes; maple bacon-glazed sweet potatoes and butternut squash; white cheddar and broccoli gratin with smoked sausage; and pear, celery, and hazelnut salad with smokey blue cheese dressing. Included in each order is the turkey, cranberry and fig chutney, and Colorado straight bourbon brown gravy.
Pies: Pumpkin, pecan
Price: $150 for four people; $175 for six; $20 for additional sides
How to order: Call 720-510-9921 by November 18 

3330 Brighton Blvd.
The deal: A turkey dinner with a regionally-inspired barbecue twist for four to five people, courtesy of chef Bill Espiricueta
What’s for dinner: Dig into a smoked turkey breast; two quarts of spicy potato salad with deviled eggs, bacon, and mustard; two quarts of Smōk’s pit beans with brisket and pork; and cheddar jalapeño cornbread with honey butter
Pies: Pecan with a dollop of crème fraîche
Price: $110
How to order: Call 720-452-2487 by November 23

Snooze, An A.M. Eatery
Multiple locations
The deal: Make-at-home brunch kits, available for pick-up November 16 through 28
What’s for brunch: Choose from two holiday brunch kit options—egg casserole or brioche French toast—to go with sides like Tenderbelly bacon, fresh fruit salad, and mixed green salad with tomatoes, parmesan, spiced pepitas, and a dijon vinaigrette. All ingredients and recipe cards are included, as well as a special Gratitude Card: write down what you’re grateful for and pass it on to someone else so they can receive the gift of a free pancake the next time they dine-in.
Price: $50 for the brioche kit; $55 for the casserole kit
How to order: Online; no deadline

Pumpkin pie from Dry Storage. Photo courtesy of Dry Storage

Where to Order Takeout Pies, Sides, and Wine

2843 Larimer St.
The deal: Pies from Beckon’s pastry chef, Kirsten, and wine duos from sommelier Zach Byers, available for pick up on November 25
What’s on the menu: Roasted Oxford Gardens pumpkin pie with honey whipped cream; Colorado pear frangipane pie with an almond crust and spiced pastry cream; chocolate bourbon pecan pie with white chocolate ganache; wine duos perfect for sipping while cooking and sipping while eating
Price: Pies are $30 each; wine packs range from $65 to $95
How to order:  Online before November 21

Dry Storage
3601 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder
The deal: Baked goods and pies, available for pick-up on November 25
What’s on the menu: Fresh Sonoran milk rolls and naturally leavened breads made with locally milled flour, plus two pie options made with heirloom grain crusts. One is filled with Granny Smith apples and topped with oat crumble, while the other features pumpkin with toasted pepitas.
Price: Starting at $8 for breads; $27 for apple pie; $30 for pumpkin pie
How to order:  Online before November 19

Lou’s Italian Specialties
3357 Downing Street
The deal: A tasty package of from-scratch pies and sides for four people, available for pick up November 24 and 25
What’s on the menu: Lou’s is offering stuffing made with chicken sausage, apple, and fennel; classic turkey gravy; garlic mashed Yukon Gold potatoes; glazed rainbow carrots; cauliflower gratin; and bacon-roasted Brussels sprouts.
Pies: Apple, pumpkin, pecan
Price: $65 for the sides package; $16–24 for pies
How to order: Online by November 22

Oak at Fourteenth
1400 Pearl St., Boulder
The deal: Celebrate Thanksgiving—and Oak’s 10-year anniversary—with an array of tasty baked goodies and drinks, available for pick-up November 25
What’s on the menu: An heirloom pumpkin pie or Colorado apple pie with pecan crumb topping; house sourdough bread; and seasonal punch by the pint or quart.
Price: $10–25
How to order: Call 303-444-3622 by November 22

Olive & Finch Eatery and Bakery
552 East 17th Ave. and 3390 East 1st Ave.
The deal: A tasty selection of pies and sides that serve up to eight people, available for pick-up November 24 and 25
What’s on the menu: Choose from farro salad, stuffing, green chile cornbread, mashed sweet potato, garlic mashed potatoes, and truffle mac and cheese
Pies: Toffee pecan, brown butter pumpkin, caramel apple, salted maple, s’more
Price: $9.99–$14.99 for sides; $28–33 for pies
How to order: Online or call 720-254-4763

So Damn Gouda & Ruby Jean Patisserie
2432 W. 44th Avenue
The deal: A collaboration featuring cheese boards and a variety of dessert options, available for pick-up or delivery in the Denver metro area through November 26
What’s on the menu: Included in each platter are four kinds of cheese—Butterkäse, Mimolette, Delice Mon Sire, and Prairie Breeze—which are enhanced by house-made crostini; French onion and Emmental cheese dip; apple pear chutney; and tons of tiny bites (cornichons, Castelvetrano olives, dried fruit, fresh grapes, and Valencia almonds).
Desserts: Pumpkin pie and mascarpone whipped cream or apple crisp
Price: Platters range from $53 to $142 (serving six to 20); pumpkin pies and apple crisp are $28
How to order: Online; no deadline

1889 15th St.
The deal: Pies, snack, and drinks from the award-winning Frasca Hospitality Group team, available for curbside pick-up on November 24
What’s on the menu:  Choose between large-format cocktails, Champagne and snack combos, wine three-packs, and fresh-baked pies—or order it all.
Pies: Pumpkin, Dutch apple, honey and toasted almond
Price: $25 for pies; $74 for the Champagne-snack kit; large-format drinks start at $50
How to order: Online by November 22 

Where to Reserve a Table (Takeout Options Also Available)

Crú Food and Wine Bar 
1442 Larimer St.
The deal: A three-course meal, or a similar takeout option, available from 12–9 p.m. on November 26
What’s for dinner: Begin with Crú’s complimentary welcome: a pour of rosé hard cider, paired with small bite such as buttery pan rolls, pumpkin bread, and mini cornbread muffins with cinnamon honey butter. Then move on to the real starters—butternut squash bisque, Caesar salad, pumpkin ricotta ravioli, or lobster and butternut squash risotto. For the main course, select the roasted turkey breast, eight-ounce filet of beef, or pan-seared branzino piccata. Dessert choices are pumpkin cheesecake, chocolate molten lava cake, apple and pecan bread pudding. The takeout package comes with butternut squash bisque or Caesar salad; a roasted turkey breast entreé; and a pumpkin cheesecake or apple and pecan bread pudding.
Price: $50 per person for dine in; $80 (serves two) or $150 (serves four) for takeout
How to book: Online

Fire Restaurant at the ART Hotel Denver
1201 Broadway
The deal: A three-course dine-in or to-go menu, available from 11 a.m.–9 p.m. on November 26
What’s for dinner: Begin with crispy Brussels sprouts, then dig into a roasted acorn soup or roasted carrot salad. For the main course, choices include an herb-roasted turkey with sage stuffing and glazed yams or butternut ravioli. Finish with traditional pumpkin or pecan pie.
Price: $65 per person for dine-in; $90 for takeout (serves two)
How to book: Online 

Le Bilboquet
299 St. Paul St.
The deal: A prix fixe menu with a variety of options for dine-in, available from 12–8 p.m. on November 26
What’s for dinner: Choose from appetizers like venison terrine or soupe de poisson, then select an entreé such as the signature Cajun chicken or traditional turkey with stuffing, pommery, and tarragon butternut squash. Dessert options include chocolate pot de crème and pumpkin cheesecake.
Price: $75 per person
How to book: Online or call 303-835-9999

Local Jones in the Halcyon Hotel
249 Columbine St.
The deal: A fall-themed, three-course meal for dine-in, available from 3–8 p.m. on November 26
What’s for dinner: Kick off your meal with cream of broccolini soup or marinated bean salad, followed by a main course of roasted prime rib with Yorkshire pudding and beef au jus or turkey ballotine with stuffing and gravy. Finish with banana pudding or a chocolate trifle.
Price: $60 per person for the beef; $55 per person for the turkey
How to book: Call 720-772-5022 or email 

Urban Farmer
1659 Wazee St.
The deal: A five-course meal of classics, available for dine-in from 11 a.m.–8 p.m. on November 26 or pick-up between 10 a.m.–1 p.m. on the day of your choice
What’s for dinner: Start with charcuterie and salads for the table, then choose your own appetizer, entrée, sides, and dessert from options such as cavatelli carbonara with pork belly and pumpkin or winter squash soup; Colorado-raised turkey (broken down into a honey-roasted breast and spiced braised leg) with natural jus or roast prime rib with herb butter; cornbread stuffing with bacon and dried fruit or roasted yams; and apple crisp crostada, pumpkin pie, chocolate cheesecake, or sorbet for the finale.
Price: $75 per adult and $25 for children under 12 for dine-in; $300 for the takeout option, which feeds six to eight people
How to book: Online by November 20 

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