When Argentine chocolatier Gonzalo “Gonzo” Jimenez runs ultramarathons, which he does often, he hallucinates. During a 206-mile race around Lake Tahoe in 2019, he began “seeing” bears all around him at about mile 43, but that didn’t bother him; he leaned into the visions, drawing inspiration for the confections, pastries, and edible artwork he creates for his five-year-old bean-to-bar brand, Miette et Chocolat (which translates to “crumb and chocolate”). You can see—and taste—the results at Miette’s new Aurora Arts District chocolate shop and gallery, which Jimenez opened with partner David Lewis three months ago. There, you’ll marvel at spectacular chocolate art pieces, as well as Miette’s collection of bonbons, bars, and other candies. Custom essential oils made from the likes of Front Range ponderosa pine needles and other aromatics infuse many of the treats. Other hybrid desserts, including large chocolate unicorns crafted using thermoformed acetate plastic molds, combine Jimenez’s love of art, chemistry, and tech. Choose from Miette’s premade goods or commission Jimenez to create a unique confection or sculpture (starting at $55) just for you—you’ll never look at chocolate the same way again.