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The Broadmoor
This year, the Broadmoor used 958 pounds of powdered sugar and 20 pounds of candy canes to construct its gingerbread chateau in the hotel’s main building mezzanine. Photo courtesy of the Broadmoor
Eat and Drink

How to Make a Better Gingerbread House, According to Front Range Pastry Chefs

We tapped pros at local pastry paradises to bring you tips on how to make your masterpiece shine brighter than Clark Griswold’s home.

It’s December, which means it’s the time of year we build homes with slabs of gingerbread and deck their halls with candy morsels. Ahead of the construction boom, we asked pastry chefs and candy connoisseurs for their best tips and tricks for making better gingerbread homes. Not only will their intel help you build a sturdier gingerbread house that would pass an inspection with flying colors, but their design savvy could help you win an award for “best gingerbread house ever.”

Tips for Constructing a Gingerbread House

Of key importance for any gingerbread house is a sturdy foundation to hold up all the candy decor. Here’s how to make sure your gingerbread is structurally sound.

The Dough

The Icing

Tips for Decorating a Gingerbread House

Now for the fun part: It’s time to get decorating. Beyond gumdrops and candy canes, here are some fun ways to make your gingerbread house shine brighter than Clark Griswold’s home.

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