Milkshakes topped with peanut butter-drizzled Cracker Jack. Hot dogs garnished with cream cheese and caramelized onions. Cheese fries piled high with steak. Yeah, it may be time to update the lyrics to the seventh inning stretch anthem, “Take Me out to the Ballgame” because ballparks—including Denver’s very own Coors Field—are slinging far more than peanuts and Cracker Jack these days. Here’s where to find the best game day grub that teeters between gourmet and state fair-inspired.

Elvis Shake

Elvis Shake. Photo by Brittany Anas
Elvis Shake. Photo by Brittany Anas

We can’t confirm any connections between Elvis and the Colorado Rockies. But the king of rock and roll did take a private jet to Denver once to satiate a decadent peanut butter and banana sandwich craving. The Elvis Shake is new to Coors Field this year, and this over-the-top creamy concoction spiked with crème de banana is made with soft-serve ice cream and peanut butter sauce and then gets a Cracker Jack crown and candied bacon garnish. Remember that you purchased this in section 153, because when you carry around a Rockies souvenir cup with bacon peeking out, you’ll generate more interest than Dinger. (Helton Burger Shack, Section 153)

Denver Steak and Cheese Fries

French fries as a main course? Bet on it. The Denver steak and cheese fries made its rookie season debut at Coors Field this year, providing a nice alternative to tenders, tots, dogs, and burgers. The fries come covered in white queso sauce and are topped with chopped sirloin, an onion blend, and chopped scallions. The dish is sauced up with Worcestershire, soy, and steak sauces. (Sections 134, 218, 243, 330)

Louisiana Red Hot Chicken

It may seem a little out of left field that Denver’s stadium serves a Louisiana Red Hot Chicken sandwich. But go ahead and grab a beer. You’ll need it to tame the flame from this fried chicken sandwich that comes with pickles, mayo, hot sauce, lettuce, tomato, and bacon. (Sections 125, 144, 226, 239, 306, 323)

Hot Dogs from Biker Jim’s

Biker Jim's dog. Photo By Brittany Anas
Biker Jim’s dog. Photo By Brittany Anas

Sure, you could get a Rockies dog from a number of Coors concessionaires. But if you live for a hot dog at a baseball game, you’ll want to seek out the dogs that are less “school lunch” and more gourmet. Proceed to Biker Jim’s. The hot dog purveyor’s stands within Coors Field offer a more concise menu than the nearby restaurant at 2148 Larimer Street. But inside the stadium, you still have a nice selection of elk jalapeño cheddar dogs, bacon cheddar brats, a Louisiana red hot all-beef dog with habanero, or a vegan dog. Your next move is to choose a topping: Biker Jim’s classic with cream cheese and caramelized onions or a traditional spicy brown mustard and sauerkraut. Heed our warning: Don’t wait until the seventh inning stretch to hunt down one of these bad boys—they’re known to sell out. (Here’s where else you can find game day hot dogs near Coors Field). (Sections 107 and 331)


You’re in Coors Field. You know what to do. But after downing a Banquet or two, seek out the frosé. Wine slushies are especially clutch during one of those hot afternoon games where the seats are sizzling hot and you’re better off watching the game from the standing-room only section near the Silver Bullet Bar. But if you are a true fan and prefer a frozen drink with team spirit, head to the Captain’s Deck on the Mezzanine Level in center field and you’ll find frozen margs in a Rockies shade of purple. (Silver Bullet Bar)

Tornadough Pretzels

A Tornadough Pretzel. Photo by Brittany Anas
A Tornadough pretzel. Photo by Brittany Anas

If you’re a sucker for Dippin’ Dots, might we recommend you try Tornadough pretzels next? Both fall in the “fun snack” category. Tornadoughs look like breadsticks, but there’s something really satisfying about pulling the stretchy, spiralized dough apart. These underrated Coors Field delicacies taste like a cross between a pastry and pretzel, and you can order them sweet with cinnamon sugar or savory with Parmesan. (Sections 125, 154, 330)

Smashburger Burgers

Smashburger offerings. Photo by Erica Walters
Smashburger offerings. Photo by Erica Walters

Burgers can be found throughout Coors Field. But the very best ones are at Smashburger’s rooftop outpost. The fast-casual chain smashes its burger patties when they come off the grill (it’s what gives them their signature caramelized char). The abbreviated Smashburger menu at Coors includes classic smash and bacon smash burgers as well as tater tots and fries. (Section 303)

Berrie Kabobs

You’ve got lots of options for sweet treats at the stadium: churros, cookies, Cracker Jack, cotton candy, funnel cakes, ice cream, the aforementioned peanut butter and banana milkshake. But the one stand that consistently draws a crowd at Coors is Berrie Kabobs, which serves strawberries, bananas, and brownie bites on a stick that have been generously drizzled with white and milk chocolates. (Section 132)