There’s no denying that the mile-high residential real estate market has been one of the hottest in the nation for the past decade. It even remained on fire through much of the pandemic. Depending on your situation, that can be a wildly lucrative or bank-account-emptying prospect. Either way, the market’s nuances as well as the legal and financial processes involved are almost always confusing, if not downright mystifying. That’s where our directory of real estate agents—all of whom produced among the highest sales volumes in Denver in 2019 (the most current data available at press time)—comes in handy. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell in Denver’s high-stakes market, harnessing the expertise of one of these professionals may help deliver you quickly and (hopefully) painlessly to the ultimate goal: closing day.

Search our list of Denver’s top-selling real estate agents. 

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Breaking down the black diamond categories.
(Based on 2019 sales volumes)

Individual agents
Black Diamond: $10 million or more

Individual agents
Double Black Diamond: $20 million or more

Teams of two agents
Black Diamond: $15 million or more

Teams of two agents
Double Black Diamond: $30 million or more

Teams of 3 to 5 agents
Black Diamond: $20 million or more

Teams of 3 to 5 agents
Double Black Diamond: $40 million or more

Teams of 6 or more agents
Black Diamond: $25 million or more

Teams of 6 or more agents
Double Black Diamond: $50 million or more


Your questions about the list, answered.

How does the magazine create this list?
In June 2020, 5280 posted its Top Real Estate Producers survey online. We sent the link to the questionnaire to dozens of real estate brokerages in the seven metro-area counties; it was also shared widely via social media. Any brokerage with agents who sell homes in the Denver metro area could submit nominations. The survey asked brokerage administrators to provide the names of both individual agents and teams of agents who, based on their sales volumes for 2019, qualified for our list. Nominees in hand, our research department reached out to each real estate agent to confirm the sales numbers and to gather and/or verify their basic
contact information.

What qualifies someone to be a 5280 Top Real Estate Producer?
We have four categories: individual agents, teams of two agents, teams of three to five agents, and teams of six or more agents. Within each category, we have two tiers: black diamond and double black diamond, which signify different levels of (impressive!) sales volumes. To be on the list, an agent or team of agents must have sold real estate within the Denver metro area and attained a certain amount of sales in 2019. Agents must also have an active license with the state’s Department of Regulatory Agencies; that license must be in good standing, without any disciplinary actions within the past five years.

I’m looking at the list and there seem to be teams in, say, the six or more category that only have five agents. What’s that about?
As in any business setting, people come and go. Because we want this list to be a useful reference for you, we have only included current members of teams. So, while there may have been seven people responsible for the team’s 2019 sales volume—which would put that group in the six-plus category—only five may still be working with that squad today.

I’ve heard that being on the list requires an agent or a brokerage to advertise with 5280—is this true?
Nope. Inclusion in the Top Real Estate Producers list is not dependent upon the decision to advertise with the magazine. Sometimes agents and brokerages decide to advertise; however, if, when, and/or how much anyone advertises is not taken into consideration when compiling the list.

I’m an agent, but my brokerage didn’t receive the survey this year. How do we participate in the future?
The next Top Real Estate Producers list will likely run in March 2022. The survey should be live and available to metro-area brokerage managers who visit in the summer of 2021. If you have questions about participation, please send an email to: