At Breckenridge Brewery, my long-time favorite beer is the 471 IPA, a hard-hitting, small-batch brew that weighs in at 9.2 percent ABV. But because I’m a fan of Breck’s happy hour, I was hoping to find a lighter beer that I liked as much as my 471.

A few months ago, a server spoke of a brand-new pilsner, and I thought I had found my ticket to lighter happy-hour drinking—until I discovered the new release is an imperial pilsner, meaning it has a higher alcohol content than the average pils.

Still—of course—I love it. It’s deceptively clean (so clean I didn’t realize it was a boozier pilsner than most) with a nice hop bite. They’ve named the strong brew Regal Pilsner, a suitable name for such a sturdy pour.

Regal Pilsner is a limited draft release, found at all Breckendridge Brewery locations.