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8 Health Trends Growing in Colorado in 2018

Colorado has long been a national leader in all things health and wellness. Here's what to expect in the New Year.

5280 Health

January 2018

From the Editor


Denver’s Digital Health Boom

Discover the Colorado companies harnessing cutting-edge tech to deliver more personalized treatment to patients all over the world.



Fragile Fertility

Here's what cancer patients need to know if they want to start (or grow) a family.

The Fasting Fad

What you should know about the latest trendy diet making its way around Colorado—and why it could do more harm than good.

First Person: Buying Happiness

Millennials spend more money on self-care than any other generation, but that doesn't mean the investment is paying off. Trust me. I'm a millennial.

The Data Doctor

How a local ER doc is helping Medicaid patients access the path to better health.

Denver’s New VA Hospital

Finally, Denver's long-awaited (and long-debated) new veterans' medical center debuts.

Safe Place

How thoughtful facility design benefits Denver's formerly homeless residents.

Coaching For Kids’ Good

The Colorado organization trying to eliminate the next generation of dopers—by giving parents some training.


How to Survive Wilderness Woes

Expert advice to keep a dangerous stumble, angry critter, or outdoor affliction from ruining your adventure.


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