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Top of the Town 2017

Intimidated by all the new hot spots popping up around the city? We’ve got you covered. Our annual list of the best places to eat, drink, take in a show, work out, relax, and more (150 winners this year!) will ensure you never have to settle for the same ole thing.


July 2017

From the Editor


Disaster on Denali

Fifty years ago this month, three Colorado mountaineers survived the deadliest disaster in the history of Alaska’s infamous Denali. What went wrong on that fateful day—and how did the Colorado men make it out alive?

Leadville Transforms Itself (Again)

Change has come to the historic mining city of Leadville in a big way. And for the Latino residents who call the highest-elevation city in the United States home, that means facing new challenges—and new fears.

Our Summer on the Colorado Trail

When my husband decided to run all 486-plus miles of the Colorado Trail last year, we had no idea how profoundly it would shape our family's future.


The Feather Baron

Thomas Whiting breeds birds not for their meat, but for their feathers, in a quest to satisfy a clientele of fly-fishers—and his own obsession with perfect plumage.

Adam Gildar’s Excellent Adventure

How the 32-year-old gallerist is thriving on cultural contradictions and the vagaries of the art world—and aiming to put Denver on the international scene’s radar in the process.

Kelly Whitaker’s Heritage Grain Crusade

With his new nonprofit, the Noble Grain Alliance, the Basta chef is bringing heritage grains back to Colorado farms and restaurants—and to you and me.


Life, Hacked

It's summertime and the living's easier, thanks to these four Colorado-based initiatives.


High Achiever: Taylor VanAllen

With his name already affixed to one slacklining record, Morrison's Taylor VanAllen is gearing up for more.

Bragging Rights

Are you up to these eight outdoor challenges?


Eat and Drink

Where We’re Eating In July

The restaurants, dishes, and drinks on our dining radar this month, July 2017.

M.J. Szymanski’s Sweet Life

The pastry chef creates everything from tangy lemon bars to birthday cake panna cotta for Stella's on 16th.



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