On a perfect Saturday, foodies like nothing better than to while away the day with bites of Brie, glasses of Malbec, and long conversations about food. Understanding this, professional chef Cristino Griego and culinary aficionado Becky Creighton created the tour company Culinary Connections of Colorado. Their Saturday trips wend through markets and restaurants, giving foodies a chance to interact with top Denver chefs and food-business owners.

The eight individuals on the January 17 Gourmet Tour traveled to the Truffle, Wen Chocolates, and Savory Spice Shop, and this weekend the Top Restaurant Tour takes a group from Il Posto to D Bar Desserts to Fruition, before ending at Panzano for an hour-long cooking class.

At each stop, chefs and business owners explain their products (prosciutto versus jamón Serrano, or how to make salmon pastrami), while tourists sample and ask questions.

Clearly, Brie and Malbec are only the beginning of the ideal culinary day in Denver.

Saturday, Jan. 24, Top Restaurant Tour; $139