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Colorado Children’s Campaign

Colorado Children’s Campaign
1580 Lincoln Street, Suite 420
Denver, CO 80203
(303) 839-1580

Every child deserves every chance to grow up happy and healthy in Colorado. The Colorado Children’s Campaign removes barriers to health, education and economic security so all children and families can thrive.

We deploy the latest data and research to identify challenges and opportunities children across our state face. We know there is a web of complicated issues impacting our young people which is why we approach policy change by putting people, communities and children at the center of our efforts.

We are a nonpartisan, nonprofit advocacy organization focused on child health, early childhood learning and development, K-12 education and family economic security. We advocate for data-driven policy change at the state, federal and local levels with a statewide network of leaders in child well-being and a growing field of advocates ready to speak up for kids at critical moments.

Together, our impact on the lives of children and families is significant. We create access to affordable, quality childcare and education environments and support the early childhood workforce. We improve access to adequate and culturally-sensitive health care. We reduce food insecurity by ensuring children have healthy food available at school and through public programs. We champion evidence-based strategies to support the mental health of children. We fight for the equitable distribution of resources throughout our public school system. And so much more.

We are the voice for the over 1.2 million children living in Colorado. Will you join us?

Learn more at You can join us on all social media platforms, and look for our podcast, The West Steps, wherever you listen.


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