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Part of the Family
Goodwill helps more than 100,000 Coloradans annually gain greater independence through the power of work. One of those individuals is Megan Hester, a participant in Goodwill programs and a dedicated employee at our Thornton store.
Megan is in Goodwill’s Janitorial Enclave—individuals with disabilities who come together to learn how to clean Goodwill stores. Brian, Megan’s supervisor, shares that “Megan has a developmental disability requiring individualized attention, yet is one of the hardest-working people I know. She wants to excel at everything she does.”
Mo, Megan’s host home provider, says, “Megan is part of the family; she’s very strong regardless of all the challenges she’s been through and wants to keep moving forward.”
Megan shyly adds, “I like working at Goodwill because it’s a good job. I like working with my friends.”
Recently, Megan’s mom passed away. Megan was devastated, but her strong work ethic helped carry her through her grief and pain. Thankfully, her Goodwill family was there to lend additional support.
“She was broken emotionally; it was heartbreaking,” Mo says. Compounding her grief, Megan did not have the resources to pay for her mother’s cremation plus her own living expenses. Goodwill’s Employee Assistance Fund stepped in to relieve some of the financial burden.
Brian says, “I asked her if she needed some time. She said, ‘I just want to come in and do my job.’ She was able to do some healing here. I couldn’t be prouder of Megan—she exemplifies the Goodwill spirit.”
With the continued support of her Goodwill family, things are looking up for Megan. She is attending community college, recently moved into her own apartment and enjoys living more independently.
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