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Street’s Hope

Street’s Hope
PO Box 19416
Denver, CO 80219
(720) 420-9951

Did you know that as many as 40.3 million people around the world are exploited through human trafficking? Did you know that human traffickers make 150 billion dollars a year on the backs of other human beings?
Vulnerable people face exploitation in many forms. We support them on their journeys to freedom. Street’s Hope has provided services to people experiencing exploitation and human trafficking in Denver since 2004.
We’re here to provide complete wrap-around services including counseling, skill development, and other targeted assistance to our clients.
Through intensive case management in close coordination with mental health services, we equip people to make choices that positively impact their stability, self sufficiency, and self esteem. This provides the support they need to engage in the complex process of rebuilding their lives.
Additional services include street outreach, crisis counseling and support groups with our community partners. Street’s Hope also provides training and consultation to other organizations working with survivors of exploitation. Street’s Hope has served over 300 vulnerable people in the Denver area in the last year.
Street’s Hope acknowledges the complicated web of human and social factors that affect our population. We actively work to help each person to identify, create, and maintain individualized plans to build a meaningful life. Participation in our survivor informed program is always voluntary and always highly individualized.
Help us ensure all people know their worth and can choose the direction of their lives with freedom and dignity.

HUMAN TRAFFICKING: It’s happening here and you can help.


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