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The Face of Care of the Professional Voice and Specialty ENT

Colorado Voice Clinic


Having issues with your voice? Or anything related to the ear, nose, or throat? Dr. Opperman is a highly-specialized ENT whose goal is to make sure those issues don’t get in the way of your life!

Dr. Opperman can help you find what’s wrong, help you breathe better, change your sound, or get you back to your singing/speaking voice if problems arise. If you are suffering from issues such as loss of voice, hoarseness, throat pain, hearing problems, sinusitis, loss of smell, sleep apnea, acid reflux, or anything else related to structures in the head or neck, don’t delay in seeing Dr. Opperman to find what’s wrong and start getting better.

Dr. Opperman has a special interest in caring for singers and other professionals who rely on their voices for their livelihood, such as actors, public speakers, broadcasters, and teachers. Years ago, when working in music and film industry pyrotechnics, he saw how performers had to deal with situations that affected their voices, and that inspired him to become a surgeon who could help fix their issues.

So… trouble speaking, singing, hearing, or breathing just won’t do. Call Dr. Opperman today before your condition worsens. He’s here to help you put your best voice forward! | (303) 844-3000
930 B W. 7th Ave., Denver, CO 80204

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