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If Your Favorite Beach Activity Is: Letting your dog chase the waves
Read: Other People’s Pets by R.L. Maizes
Because: Boulder writer Maizes’ first novel, out next month, tells the story of veterinarian-in-training La La Fine, who survived an unstable childhood by forming bonds with animals. When Fine’s locksmith-by-day, burglar-by-night father is captured, she drops out of school and pays his legal bills by taking up his line of work. Her calling card? Caring for the pets of those she robs. Buy from Tattered Cover or Amazon 

If Your Favorite Beach Activity Is: Building sandcastles
Read: Tiny Dino Worlds by Christine Bayles Kortsch
Because: Junior fossil fanatics can design Jurassic-themed habitats and make dino eggs from ice using Bayles Kortsch’s first book for kids (and their adult helpers). The Denver author consulted with two paleontologists to ensure each project is as accurate to prehistoric times as possible—and to collect the dino facts throughout. Buy from Tattered Cover or Amazon 

If Your Favorite Beach Activity Is: Watching people from behind your sunglasses and inventing wild backstories for them
Read: Stake by Kevin J. Anderson
Because: From his home in Monument, Anderson has penned an array of science fiction stories, including prequels to the Dune series. His latest, out in August (the audiobook is already available) and set in Colorado Springs, has a plot that questions not just motive but reality itself: A detective tracks a rash of murders committed by a man convinced he’s slaying vampires. Buy from Tattered Cover or Amazon 

If Your Favorite Beach Activity Is: Sunbathing with headphones on
Read: Turtle Under Ice by Juleah del Rosario
Because: Published in February, this Boulder author and librarian’s second young adult book follows two sisters after their mother’s death. When her older sister, Ariana, runs away from home, teenage Rowena must confront how grief has altered their relationship. AirPods-addicted tweens even have an excuse to go for the Audible version: The book is written in verse, meaning it practically begs to be read out loud. Buy from Tattered Cover or Amazon 

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