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Reverse Phone Lookup 2022—Find Out Who’s On The Other End of Unwanted Calls & Messages

Reverse Phone Look Up

Calls from unknown numbers can leave homeowners feeling anxious and wary. The inability to know who called and how they obtained your phone number can take an even more unpleasant turn in the case of nuisance callers. Unscrupulous telemarketers, scammers, and overly persistent “admirers” can leave you feeling on edge without added information, which is where reverse phone lookup services come in. With the ability to identify your caller’s name, location, and even place of business, a reverse phone lookup can give you peace of mind the next time your phone rings.

Finding the perfect service can be challenging with numerous reverse phone lookup sites. Our article has simplified this issue by identifying the four best reverse phone lookup companies, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each, leaving our readers with nothing to do but select the reverse phone lookup service that best suits their needs.

4 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services

  1. Intelius – Top-Pick
  2. Spokeo – Runner Up
  3. PeopleFinders – Best First Month Offer
  4. Been Verified – Best Satisfaction Guarantee

Why Did We Choose These Four Services?

Finding the best reverse phone lookup can prove time-consuming, with hundreds of reverse phone lookup sites. To simplify this issue and help us choose only the best reverse phone lookup providers, we have identified the four most important factors necessary for a service to be well rounded and accessible.

  1. Cost – While reverse phone lookups can be pretty valuable, especially for the peace of mind, some providers have played on the necessity of the service by overcharging customers often luring people in with offers of a free reverse phone lookup. In addition, companies looking to make more money will often promise additional services or parts of a package for added financial gain, which often leads to a bill far surpassing that of normal reverse phone lookups. To ensure that none of our readers fall victim to such scams, we have carefully scrutinized the costs of all the services we have included on our list. We have also compared overall costs to the services provided, ensuring that not only are they within the normal parameters of what is expected of the service, but that the price matches the benefits a customer will receive.
  2. Directory Size – The efficiency of a reverse phone lookup depends heavily on the resources that the service has at hand. One of the most essential of these resources is the directory. We have found that irrespective of clientele base or length of time in operation, companies that have compiled a wide range of information will always be able to answer their customer queries faster and more thoroughly. Thus, we have ensured that the companies on our list are masters at information gathering, providing facts that include social media accounts, places of business, and even professions.
  3. Customer Reviews – One of the best ways to check if a provider of reverse phone lookups is reputable is by checking their customer reviews. Companies that do not have any customer reviews are usually ones to avoid. We have trawled through hundreds of customer feedback materials to ensure that the companies we have included on our list provide the best service possible.
  4. Speed of Delivery – While some customers might only require reverse phone lookups to deal with a mystery missed call that doesn’t provoke a sense of urgency, most clients find themselves in situations where they require prompt feedback. As such, we have carefully scrutinized the speed of report delivery for each of the best reverse phone lookup companies on our list. We have included only companies willing to work with a degree of urgency when needed and who will go the extra mile to ensure that their clients’ peace of mind is secure after each query.

Intelius – Top-Pick


  • Unlimited search options
  • Complete search anonymity
  • Access to over 20 billion public records
  • Results in under 2 minutes
  • Affordable trial option

Why Should Customers Choose Intelius?

Established in 2003, Intelius provides clients looking to run a reverse phone lookup search with access to more than 20 billion public records that can be used to identify almost any phone number in the United States. In addition, the company provides a free phone directory that lists carriers, cities, and phone types that unregistered users are free to browse. For paying customers, Intelius promises to deliver reports that include:

  • Caller’s Name
  • Current Address
  • Past Addresses
  • Relatives

Intelius promises that the information provided in lookup searches is current and can be made accessible in only a few minutes. Our test run of the company’s capabilities took only 45 seconds to produce results. Intelius is also aware that while customers may wish to obtain information, they might not want the subject of their search to know that they are being researched. To accommodate this, Intelius promises that its phone lookups are entirely anonymous, providing results without alerting the person or person being searched. Intelius also offers unlimited searching options for customers with subscriptions.

Is Intelius Worth The Price?

Unlike many other providers of a reverse phone lookup service, Intelius ensures affordability by offering customers a trial period during which they can test out the company’s services to decide if it is the one for them. As a result, new customers need only pay $1.99 to access Intelius’ extensive directory for five days.

For a membership with unlimited searches, customers will pay only $29.63 per month, gaining access to not only cell phone numbers and landline search reports, but also the other people search services on Intelius. Long-standing customers may also receive discounts by paying in advance for specific subscription deals.

What Do Customers Think Of Intelius?

Intelius boasts a 3.8-star rating on the Consumer Affairs site, with customers noting the accuracy of results produced along with the overall accessibility of the site. Customers have also commended the company’s quick customer service responses and willingness to go the extra mile to help those who are not familiar with phone lookup searches.

Final Thoughts

Through a combination of affordable price options, extensive database, speedy services, and brilliant customer care representatives, Intelius has cemented its place as the best reverse phone lookup services provider on our list. With its years of service and adaptability to the world of people searches, Intelius has more than earned our Top-Pick position.

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Spokeo – Runner-Up


  • Quick report generation
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Affordable Prices
  • Large Database


  • Unclear trial option

Why Should Customers Choose Spokeo?

Featured in media such as the New York Times, Spokeo boasts that its reverse phone number lookup services are some of the fastest in the industry, gleaning information from cell phones and landlines. Using Spokeo’s phone number search, clients can access an extensive database containing more than 12 billion public records. Additionally, by utilizing Spokeo’s services, clients can access reports that cover information such as:

  • Caller’s current location
  • Caller’s address history
  • Caller’s family members
  • Caller’s phone carrier

Reports produced by phone number lookups on Spokeo take mere seconds to be compiled. The company promises that all its searches are completely anonymous, meaning that Spokeo will not notify the person being searched. Spokeo’s website is another credit to the company, with an accessible interface combined with a wealth of information for new users. Spokeo boasts a hassle-free experience for its customers that it wholeheartedly delivers. Spokeo also offers its clients helpful directories to identify popular telemarketer numbers, along with the area codes used across the United States.

Is Spokeo Worth The Price?

Spokeo offers clients multiple affordable options for reverse cell phone lookup services and reverse landline lookups. Customers who are confident that they only wish to search for a singular phone number can take advantage of the company’s Phone Report Only service for only $1.95. Clients who believe they might need to utilize the service more than once but are also on the fence about the company can participate in Spokeo’s 7-day trial membership for only $0.95; that’s practically a free reverse phone lookup trial.

In addition, customers can obtain a full monthly membership for only $19.95, or they can save further by purchasing three months for $14.95 each.

What Do Customers Think?

Unlike many other reverse phone number lookup sites, Spokeo has achieved an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau. In addition, the company has been praised for the depth and professionalism of its business-focused phone number lookup services. Spokeo boasts a 3.1-star rating gained from over 800 reviews on the Consumer Affairs site. Customers were particularly appreciative of the time in which Spokeo produced its reports and the ease of cancellation once a client no longer needed the service.

Final Thoughts

Spokeo is a sturdy runner-up for the best reverse phone lookup service on our list. The site’s ease of use, affordability, and quick response times are credits that have allowed Spokeo to secure second place even amongst fierce competition. However, the company’s slightly unclear advertisement of its trial option along with limited payment options stands in contrast to Intelius’ clear and concise approach to the service.

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PeopleFinders – Best First Month Offer


  • Brilliant first-month discount
  • Extensive research output
  • Billions of public records available
  • Informative blogs and glossary


  • Slightly more expensive

Why Should Customers Choose PeopleFinders?

Over the years, PeopleFinders has compiled a database of more than 40 billion records gained from thousands of reputable sources. The company claims to have access to the information of over 250 million citizens of the United States, putting them in a favorable position to provide valuable records to clients looking to run a reverse phone number lookup. This compilation of information that includes numbers of both cell phones and landlines can produce near instantaneous reports that include:

  • Caller’s criminal records
  • Past and current owners of the phone number in question
  • Email addresses
  • Linked phone numbers

PeopleFinders promises to reduce the chances of scams and nuisance calls by correctly identifying the location and person behind the call. The company is also able to reconnect clients with old friends and acquaintances by establishing current and active numbers. PeopleFinders boasts that by entering an area code and the seven-digit phone number, clients will instantly be given results unless the number does not exist or isn’t part of public record.

Is PeopleFinders Worth The Price?

PeopleFinders has placed itself in a position of unique affordability by offering an Introductory Offer. New users of the PeopleFinders phone lookup services can use the site’s resources for their first month for only $9.95. Clients can cancel this offer at any time. However, if a customer wishes to carry on their membership, PeopleFinders offers a monthly membership for $24.95. Clients looking for a more premium service that will present them with records such as Assets and Properties, along with Bankruptcies and Deceased Indicators, will need to pay a little more than expected from reverse phone lookup sites at $29.95 per month.

What Do Customers Think?

PeopleFinders currently boasts a 4-7-star average gained from almost 1,500 customer reviews on Trustpilot. The site also indicates that the company has responded to and potentially resolved more than 90% of its negative reviews. Customers have provided rave reviews for the company’s customer service representative team, citing speed of service and willingness to walk customers through confusing scenarios as some of the reasons for these reviews. Customers have also noted the ease of the cancellation process and the speedy turnaround for reports as factors that have led to continued support and potential returns to the service.

Final Thoughts

As one of the longer-standing reverse phone lookup companies on our list, PeopleFinders has solidified its customer base through brilliant customer support, an extensive database, and a variety of available information. While the company does not stand out like our first choice Intelius, it is well ahead of the curve compared to other reverse phone lookup companies. Despite its slightly expensive premium experience, PeopleFinders is a solid choice for anyone looking to find the information they require quickly.

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BeenVerified – Best Satisfaction Guaranteed


  • Informative approach to the service
  • Available on multiple platforms
  • Quick customer service responses
  • Large database


  • The website is slightly overwhelming

Why Should Customers Choose BeenVerified?

Created in 2007, BeenVerified boasts more than 100,000 subscribers, a feat that is encouraged by the billions of public records gained from dozens of sources used to complete the company’s reverse phone lookup services. BeenVerified assures its customers that the information it produces is curated before it is shared. The only time the company cannot provide a complete report is when the data hasn’t been digitized. Using only the phone number of the landline or cell phone in question, BeenVerified can provide reports that include:

  • Email addresses
  • Social media accounts
  • Aliases and real names of the caller/callers
  • Possible relatives

BeenVerified has run over 32 million reverse phone lookups producing results that have been used to gain information on a potential customer, reconnect with family members and avoid telemarketers. The company also markets its services as a potential barrier against robocalls with data that a single household can receive up to thirteen calls per month. BeenVerified is also aware that many are not familiar with the expectations of using a reverse phone lookup service. As such, it has provided an informative introduction to the service on its main page. In addition, reverse phone lookup reports from BeenVerified under 2 minutes to be produced.

Is BeenVerified Worth The Money?

BeenVerified offers customers two payment options to choose from when accessing their unlimited people search services. Customers can choose to purchase a month’s access for only $29.99, which can be canceled at any time within 30 days. Or customers can instead take advantage of the discount three-month option that will cost only $19.49 per month with an upfront payment of $58.47. By accessing either of these options, customers will receive unlimited opportunities for phone number searches. BeenVerified will also notify clients in the event that a report changes. BeenVerified is so assured of the quality of its service that the company even offers a satisfaction guarantee with a full refund available in the unlikely case that a customer is not completely satisfied.

What Do Customers Think?

BeenVerified currently boasts a 4.4-star average from almost 70 reviews on the Consumer Affairs website. Customers have noted that the phone number search is easy to access and navigate, even for those who consider themselves technological novices. Customers have also praised the quick and empathic responses of the customer support team, along with the accuracy of the results provided that have led to reunions between family members and friends.

Final Thoughts

With its years of experience in the phone number and people search industry, BeenVerified has perfected its approach to the reverse phone lookup. By combining an extensive database, reliable customer support, and affordable service, the company has easily managed to find a place on our list. With the company’s satisfaction guarantee, we can assure our readers that while it is not our top pick, the service is still one that should be seriously considered.

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What To Look For In Reverse Phone Lookup Sites?

There are several factors to consider when trying to find the best reverse phone lookup service. Due to the fact that running reverse phone lookup services can be not only time-consuming but also financially tricky, some providers might try to scam their customers with impossible claims and high costs. To avoid such scams, we have provided our readers with warning signs to look out for when purchasing such a service.

Information Validation – Obtaining public records can be challenging in the grand scheme of things. Despite some free information available on Internet searches, documents such as criminal convictions, aliases, and social media profiles can be challenging to track down without the correct tools. This difficulty has sometimes led to phone lookup services using less than accurate information.

Whether the records provided are entirely false or simply out of date does not matter to clients looking for valid information in minutes. However, spotting incorrect information isn’t easy, especially if a client is searching for a cell phone number or landline number they know nothing about, which is why we recommend that readers test any phone lookup service first. By using cell phone numbers such as your own or one that belongs to a friend or family member, readers can test whether the service is as accurate as it claims.

Costs – The issue of cost when applied to reverse phone lookup services is a red flag that should not be ignored. This factor can go in one of two ways. The most apparent indication of a less than honorable service is the free reverse phone lookup. Often, such providers will claim that one can obtain all the information they require by simply entering a cell phone number.

However, as stated above, public records are rarely free, and as such, companies offering free reverse phone lookup services are often simply looking to entice users to try their other services by providing limited (sometimes zero) information and sometimes even fraudulent information. On the other side of the spectrum from enticing free reverse phone lookup come-ons are providers who overcharge for their services. Unlike a free reverse phone lookup service, these services will usually provide accurate information linked to a cell phone number or landline phone number but at a cost that far surpasses that of any other provider. In these cases, readers should compare prices and the quality of the service they are being provided with, much as we have done on our list.

Customer Care – While all of the reverse phone lookup providers on our list have created an experience that is easy to navigate, this is not an approach shared by all in the people search industry. Clients might find it challenging to not only release the report they require but also to cancel the service when it is no longer needed. Therefore, it is essential that clients choose only services with lauded customer service representatives to ensure that their experience is as smooth as possible.

Professional and Customer Feedback – Another way to test the validity of a reverse phone lookup provider is by perusing the feedback left by both industry professionals and customers. As the practice of searching for cell phone numbers is so prominent, it would be highly unlikely that any such service wouldn’t have records of both customer praise and complaints. Such customer reviews can usually be found on sites such as the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, and Trust Pilot.

Services with no reviews to show despite months or years in the business are usually either suppressing negative feedback or are simply a scam. Additionally, reverse phone lookup companies that only have positive reviews for their reports of cell phones and landline phone number searches are usually editing their statistics to appear more efficient than they truly are. A well-rounded business will display both negative and positive feedback, with the company seeking to rectify any complaints. The use of professional feedback, such as contained in our review, is yet another way to know beforehand if you will be wasting your time searching up a cell phone number or landline number with a particular service.

The number of searches required – If you are seeking to look up a single phone number, then any of the providers on our list would be suitable. Some providers even offer one-off costs and affordable trial options, as is seen in the case of Intelius and Spokeo. However, if the customer is looking to search for several numbers while keeping their options open for further searches in the future, an unlimited search service such as that offered by Intelius would be more suitable.

What Information Does A Reverse Phone Lookup Service Provide?

The type of information that a customer will receive in a report generated from a phone number search depends mainly on the service provider. However, as such a search is conducted to identify a caller, most service providers will issue reports that include basic factors. For example, reports will usually include who the phone number is registered to, what network provider is being used, and whether the communication device being used is a landline or a cell phone.

Certain reverse phone lookup providers may introduce additional information into their reports, such as is the case with our Top-Pick, Intelius. Along with the basic information, Intelius will also provide social media profiles, other contact information, and pictures gained from accounts on Facebook and LinkedIn. Using its large database, Intelius can offer an extensive and well-rounded report for its customers.

Other services on our list will also include criminal records, property acquisition records, bankruptcy details, and even aliases. How in-depth the information that a customer receives is will usually depend on whether the service they purchase is premium or basic.

Why Should You Use A Reverse Phone Lookup Search?

The information gained from a reverse phone number lookup can be valuable in a number of situations. The first and most important reason to utilize the service surrounds the issue of safety. Often a random phone number calling in the middle of the night or multiple times a day can leave a person feeling shaky and uncertain. This matter is doubly true for those who have experienced stalking or any other harassing behavior. By using a reverse phone lookup, individuals can either ease their worries or have proof to move on to the next steps needed to protect themselves upon identification of the caller.

People who are frequent movers, whether due to job stability or simple lifestyle choice, can also benefit significantly from using a reverse phone lookup. Long-term changes in location can often lead to loss of contact with family members and friends, whether due to a misplaced phone number or lost or stolen phone. Using a phone number search service like Intelius that provides additional contact information can provide clients with alternative ways to contact those they thought long lost.

For the elderly and vulnerable, a reverse phone lookup can help them to avoid scams and potential coercive phone calls by pushy salespeople and telemarketers. Several of the providers on our list offer directories that identify the numbers of the more popular telemarketing companies, and some also directly target robocalls, meaning that the next time you miss a call, you can search the phone number and avoid contacting those looking to push their unwanted business on you.

A reverse phone lookup search can also be quite valuable for those in uncertain relationships. Questions of fidelity arising from random numbers calling your significant other can be quickly put to rest with a simple search. In minutes, clients can put any worry out of their head without alerting the owner of the phone number of their moments of doubt.

Is A Reverse Phone Lookup Safe And Legal?

Searching for someone’s number, whether through a professional service or via the Internet, is mostly legal. The legality of the issue revolves around what the information in question is being used for and by whom. Looking up the number of a missed call for curiosity’s sake or even searching for an unknown phone number found on someone else’s phone is perfectly legal as the information is for personal use.

However, if you are looking up the phone number of potential employees or tenants, this is where the Fair Credit Reporting Act may change the legality of the situation. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you are limited in the amount of information you can obtain and use through a consumer reporting agency. As for the safety of the practice, as long as the information is not misused, the use of the service is entirely safe.


Using a reverse phone lookup service is an easy way to find peace of mind after a missed call or finding a once lost or disconnected cell phone or landline phone number. By entering the phone number in question, the service providers on our list can erase worry and the distance between those once thought lost. Not using the service would be a misstep that none of our readers should ever have to accommodate. So the next time you see a strange phone number, select one of our four providers, and you won’t have to worry about who you missed.