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Top 5 Bad Credit Loans with Guaranteed Approval in 2023

While banks are more than happy to give personal loans to those with outstanding credit scores, people with poor credit scores often find it difficult to get approved for a personal loan. That’s where bad credit loans come in. These personal loans for bad credit are specifically designed for those with poor credit history and offer guaranteed approval regardless of your credit score.

With bad credit loans, you can get the financial assistance you need from lenders who understand that not everyone has perfect credit. These loans can be used for a variety of purposes, and because they come with guaranteed approval, you won’t have to worry about being denied for a loan due to a bad credit score.

If you’re looking for financial assistance with guaranteed approval and don’t want to be limited by your credit score, then a loan for folks with bad or poor credit is a great option. Check out our top picks for bad credit loans guaranteed approval to help you get fast money at the best rates.

Top 5 Bad Credit Loans – Guaranteed Approval

  1. BadCreditLoans – Best Bad Credit Loan – Guaranteed Approval
  2. Personal Loans – Best for Special Occasion Loans
  3. Loan Pioneer – Best for Small Loan Amounts
  4. Upgrade – Best for Low Fixed Rates
  5. Upstart – Best for Long-Term Personal Loans

Reviews: Best Bad Credit Loans – Guaranteed Approval

1. BadCreditLoans – Best Bad Credit Loan Approval


  • 24/7 loan applications
  • Funds available next business day
  • 100% free to search
  • Extended loan network


  • May receive marketing for non-loan services

About BadCreditLoans

BadCreditLoans is a top pick for a personal loan when your credit isn’t the best. The company is a lender, meaning they connect you with an extensive network of financial institutions that can provide you with a loan.

The company makes the loan process super easy, with loan applicants simply needing to fill out a form, compare offers from the vast network of lenders, and pick the best one. Best of all, you can receive your loan funds as soon as the next business day.

Applicants can apply for up to $10,000 worth of personal loans for any purpose, including consolidating debt, home or vehicle repairs, vacations, and more. In addition, the lenders in the network offer some of the most competitive APRs in the industry, with rates starting at just 5.99%.

Loan offers will vary in terms of repayment schedules, but most offer a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of 72 months. To qualify for any personal loan amount through BadCreditLoans, applicants will need to:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a valid email address
  • Show proof of US citizenship
  • Have a checking account in their name
  • Prove regular income through full-time, part-time, or self-employment
  • Provide contact information for work and home

With BadCreditLoans making it free to search, you have nothing to lose by checking out their offers and seeing if they can help you get the financing you need.

Why We Picked BadCreditLoans

BadCreditLoans is one of our top picks for bad credit loans – guaranteed approval – because of its ability to connect you with an extensive network of financial institutions that can provide you with a loan, regardless of your credit score. The company charges no fees for searching and offers some of the most competitively priced loans in the industry. With loan amounts up to $10,000 available and the potential for funds to be received as soon as the next business day, BadCreditLoans is a great option when you need fast cash for any purpose.

Explore options for bad credit loans at

2. Personal Loans – Best for Special Occasion Loans


  • Competitive APRs
  • Flexible repayment options
  • Offers personal loans up to $35,000
  • Secure website


  • May do a hard credit pull

About Personal Loans

Personal Loans offers loans for bad credit, with loan amounts up to $35,000. This can be helpful if you have regular employment but need a large sum of money for a significant purchase such as a wedding, vacation, or home improvement project.

Personal Loans charges no additional fees for using its services and provides tons of information on how to make the most of your loan. Customers can also take advantage of many of the other financial products on offer, making the company a one-stop shop for all your personal finance needs.

Anyone is free to apply for loans through the company’s website using its simple and straightforward form. Loan applicants will need to:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a regular source of income
  • Be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a US bank account in their name
  • Provide personal information such as their address, email, and phone number

With no additional fees and competitive APRs, Personal Loans makes getting the financing you need easy. Getting started is easy too – simply enter your reason for needing the loan and the amount of money you want to borrow to find the best personal loan for your needs.

Why We Picked Personal Loans

Personal Loans is one of our top picks because it offers some of the best loans in the industry for special occasions. With loan amounts up to $35,000 and repayment terms of up to six years, this company can provide the financing you need at easily manageable repayment terms. In addition, the company’s lenders offer competitive APRs on all loans, making the online loans site a more affordable option than brick-and-mortar personal and bad credit payday loan services.

Explore options for bad credit loans at

3. Loan Pioneer – Best for Small Loan Amounts


  • Get up to $5,000
  • Pre-qualification with no impact on your credit score
  • Many repayment options
  • Approval in minutes


  • Services are not available to residents of all 50 states

About Loan Pioneer
Loan Pioneer specializes in smaller loans up to $5,000. This amount is perfect for those needing an emergency personal loan to cover unexpected expenses like medical bills or car repairs. A member of the Online Lenders Alliance, Loan Pioneer is a trusted and transparent company that offers its services to many residents in the USA.

Loan Pioneer’s application process for bad credit loans online is simple and easy to follow, and you can get pre-qualified without impacting your credit score. The entire process can be completed in minutes, and you’ll receive a decision on your loan quickly. If approved, you can have the funds deposited into your account as soon as the next business day.

The company’s third-party personal loan lenders offer many repayment options, with terms ranging from 3 months to 60 months. You can also choose to have your payments automatically deducted from your checking account each month, making it easy to stay on top of your loan.

Applicants only need to provide their email address and social security number to get started. If you’re pre-qualified, you’ll be able to see your loan options and terms before making a final decision. Those who aren’t pre-qualified may need to show extra proof of:

  • Income
  • Employment status
  • Citizenship or residency

APRs vary according to the amount of money you’re borrowing and the length of your loan term. But ultimately, these are affordable loans for bad credit compared to short-term solutions like payday loans or cash advances.

Why We Picked Loan Pioneer

Loan Pioneer is one of our top bad credit loan companies because they offer excellent third-party lending options for small loans for personal use – regardless of your credit score or credit history. With flexible repayment options and the ability to get your cash fast, Loan Pioneer is a great option for those needing emergency loans in amounts under $5,000.

Explore options for bad credit loans at

4. Upgrade – Best for Low Fixed Rates


  • Multiple repayment options
  • Low fixed rates
  • No prepayment fees or penalties
  • Over 33,000 positive reviews


  • A one-time origination fee applied to the loan amount

About Upgrade
The personal loans offered by Upgrade give those in need of quick cash access to larger amounts of money than other short-term solutions like payday loans. Loan amounts range from $1,000 up to $50,000, with repayment terms of up to 5 years.

What separates Upgrade from other personal loan companies and bad credit payday loan companies is its focus on providing low fixed rates. Whether you have excellent credit or have a poor credit score that you’re working to improve, Upgrade offers some of the best rates in the industry. In addition, there are no prepayment fees or penalties, so you can pay off your loan early without incurring any extra costs.

The online application process is simple and easy to follow. After submitting your information, you can browse the offers you pre-qualify for and select the one that best suits your needs. If approved, the funds can be deposited into your account as soon as the next day.

One thing to note is that Upgrade does charge a one-time origination fee, which is applied to the loan amount. This is usually about $500 but can vary depending on your personal loan amount. Fortunately, with such high loan amounts available to those with bad or poor credit, the origination fee is a small price to pay.

To qualify for a loan with Upgrade, you’ll need to meet the minimum credit requirements for each loan type and have some form of income. You must also be a US citizen or permanent resident and be 18 years or older.

Why We Picked Upgrade

Upgrade is one of our top picks for personal loans because the company offers some of the lowest fixed rates in the industry – regardless of credit score. With loan amounts up to $50,000 and repayment terms up to 5 years, Upgrade is an excellent option for those needing cash for debt consolidation, home repairs, student loans or medical bills.

Explore options for bad credit loans at

5. Upstart – Best for Long-Term Personal Loans


  • Borrow up to $50,000
  • Up to five years for repayment
  • 2.4 million people helped
  • Multiple factors considered for approval


  • Higher interest rates than others on this list

About Upstart

Upstart is unique because most of its loan approvals are processed using AI fintech. This advanced AI technology allows the company to consider multiple factors when approving a loan – not just a credit score. Whether you’re fresh out of college with no credit history or have been through some financial hardships that have damaged your credit, Upstart may be able to help. They also are well suited for those that chose work experience over a degree, as they factor in your job history when approving loans.

Loan amounts with Upstart range from $1,000 to $50,000, with 3 or 5 years repayment terms. The interest rates are higher than some of the other companies on this list – up to 25.05% APR – but are still much lower than those offered by online bad credit payday loans.

Applying for a loan with Upstart is quick and easy – you can complete the entire process online in just a few minutes. If approved, funds can be deposited into your account as soon as the next day. To be considered for any loans through Upstart or third-party lenders in their network, applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a verifiable source of income, and be a US citizen or permanent resident.

For those with bad credit or no credit but excellent employment or education history, Upstart may be a great option for loans that are fast to apply for and have quick funding.

Why We Picked Upstart

Upstart is one of our top picks for people with bad credit or no credit because it uses AI technology to consider multiple factors when approving loans. This allows them to give people with little to no credit history a chance at being approved for a personal loan – something that isn’t always possible with human underwriters.

Explore options for bad credit loans at

Selection Process Used to Pick Our Top Bad Credit Loans

Knowing how difficult it can be to get a loan when you have bad credit, we looked at several important factors that are key when choosing a loan provider, including:

  • Guaranteed approval: We didn’t want anyone to waste time applying for loans they weren’t going to get because of bad credit, which is why we only considered companies that offer guaranteed approval on personal loans for those with a bad credit score or no credit.
  • Any reason borrowing: Why you need money isn’t as important as the fact you need it. Some companies limit how you can use your loan, which is why we only considered companies that allow you to use the money for any reason.
  • Quick and easy application process: We looked for companies that have a simple and straightforward application process because when you’re in a bind, the last thing you want to do is jump through hoops.
  • Fast funding: We only considered companies that offer fast financing so you can get the cash you need as soon as possible. This ensures that your bad credit score doesn’t get any worse when trying to meet payment deadlines for credit card bills, medical expenses, home repairs, or anything else.

Combining these factors with our research team’s experience and expertise in the personal finance industry, we were able to create a comprehensive list of the best bad credit loans guaranteed approval for those in need of quick cash.

Why Do People Get a Bad Credit Loan?

Bad credit loans are designed to assist those needing an influx of money for personal use but don’t have the credit score to qualify for a traditional loan from a bank or other financial institution. There are many reasons why someone might need to take out a loan designed for those with poor credit, including:

  • To make a large purchase. A very common reason people take out bad credit loans is to make a large purchase, such as a car or home repairs. While using a credit card may be an option, low credit limits may not allow you to finance the entire purchase.
  • To cover an emergency expense. Unexpected expenses can happen at any time, and when they do, it’s important to have access to quick cash. Bad credit loans – guaranteed approval – can help you cover these expenses without putting a strain on your finances.
  • To avoid taking out payday loans. Payday loans are designed for people with bad credit but come with extremely high interest rates and fees. If you want to avoid the never-ending, high-interest cycle common to most payday loans, a bad credit loan is a much better option.
  • To get guaranteed approval. Poor credit scores can make it difficult to be approved for a traditional loan, but you’re guaranteed to be approved with a loan for bad credit. This makes these installment loans a great option for those who need cash fast and can’t afford to wait for approval.

Whatever the reason, bad credit loans are a viable option for those needing quick cash without the often stringent qualifications of traditional loans.

What to Consider When Deciding on a Loan with Bad Credit

When you have bad or no credit, options for choosing a loan are limited. But, by knowing what to look for in lenders willing to offer a personal loan regardless of your credit history or score, you can ensure that you’re getting the best deal possible.

Interest Rate

The interest rate is one of the most critical factors in deciding on a loan. The interest rate is the amount that is added to the principal loan amount and is how the lender makes money off of the loan. The higher the interest rate, the more you’ll end up paying in the long run.

Many lenders will try to take advantage of people with poor credit scores by offering loans with extremely high interest rates – sometimes as high as 36% APR. This can make it difficult, if not impossible, to pay off the loan. That’s why shopping around and comparing rates is important before deciding on a loan.

Remember that you can still find plenty of guaranteed approval loans with reasonable interest rates, even with bad credit or no credit. Be sure to do the math and calculate how much the loan will cost you in the long run to ensure you’re getting a good deal that you can afford to repay.

Loan Terms

The loan terms are also essential to consider when taking out a bad credit personal loan. The loan term is the amount of time you have to repay the loan, and it can range from a few months to several years. The longer the loan term, the lower your monthly payments will be, but the more interest you’ll end up paying in the long run. Whether it’s a short-term or long-term bad credit loan you are after, always read the fine print and choose only a lender that offers terms acceptable to your financial situation.

Loan Amount

The loan amount is the money you’re borrowing from the lender. Lenders generally offer anywhere from $1,000 to $50,000 for bad credit personal loans, although some may offer more depending on your creditworthiness and financial situation.

Be realistic about how much money you actually need and only borrow the amount that you can afford to repay. Keep in mind that the lower the loan amount, the easier it will be to get approved and the lower your interest payments will be.


Most bad credit personal loans come with some kind of fee, whether it’s an origination fee, a late payment fee, or a prepayment fee. Origination fees are charged by the lender for processing the loan and can be as high as 5% of the total loan amount. Late fees of up to $40 are charged if you make a late payment. Prepayment fees are charged if you pay off your bad credit personal loan early and can be up to 3% of the outstanding balance. Be sure to factor in all of the fees when considering a loan so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal possible.


When taking out a loan, especially a bad credit loan, it’s important to consider the lender’s reputation. Not all lenders are created equal, and some will take advantage of people with poor credit. Be sure to read reviews of the lender before applying for a loan to get an idea of their customer service and whether they’re reputable. It’s also a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the lender.

How Do I Get a Bad Credit Loan?

Getting a loan when you have poor credit scores is actually a lot easier than most people think. The hardest part is finding a reputable lender that offers loans to those with bad credit scores with reasonable interest rates and fees. However, the process is pretty straightforward once you’ve found a few lenders that you’re interested in.

The first step is to fill out an application with the lender. The application will ask for basic information about you and your financial situation. Be sure to answer all of the questions truthfully to give the lender an accurate idea of your situation.

Once you’ve submitted the application, the lender will review it and make a decision. If you’re approved for the loan, you’ll be given a loan offer with the terms and conditions of the loan. Be sure to read over the loan offer carefully before signing it to ensure you can meet all of the terms and conditions.

Once you’ve signed the loan agreement, the lender will deposit the money into your account, and you can start using it however you want. Just be sure to make your payments on time and in full to avoid any penalties or fees.

How Can I Improve My Credit Score Fast?

If you want to improve your credit score to get a better rate on a loan for bad or poor credit or a personal loan with terms reserved for those with good credit, consider taking a more active role in managing your credit.

Check your credit report for errors and dispute them

Every quarter you should obtain a copy of your credit report from any of the three credit monitoring agencies – Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion. Once you have received your report, go through it with a fine tooth comb to check for any errors. If you spot any inaccuracies, dispute them with the bureau by writing a letter explaining the error and requesting that it be corrected.

By taking an active role in removing any errors from your credit report, you can see a significant boost to your score in a short period of time – leading to more reasonable terms and conditions on the personal loan you apply for.

Make payments on time

One of the biggest factors that affect your credit score is your payment history. Therefore, it’s important to make all of your payments on time, including credit card payments, student loan payments, mortgage payments, etc. Even one late payment can significantly impact your score, so it’s important to be vigilant about making all of your payments on time.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with all of your payments, consider setting up automatic payments for some or all of your bills. This way, you can ensure that your payments are always made on time, without you having to remember to do it yourself.

Pay down debt

Another factor that goes into your credit score is the amount of debt you carry in relation to your credit limit. This is called your “credit utilization ratio”. To improve your credit score, you should aim to keep your credit utilization ratio below 30%. For example, if you have a credit limit of $1,000, you shouldn’t carry more than $300 in debt.

To lower your credit utilization ratio, you can either pay down your existing debt or ask your credit card company for a higher credit limit. By doing this, you’ll be able to reduce your credit utilization ratio, which will, in turn, boost your credit score.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all bad credit loans guaranteed approval?

Organizations working with lenders who approve loans for bad credit customers often offer guaranteed approval for personal loans. However, be aware that guaranteed approval and low interest rates aren’t always the same, so comparing offers is important.

2. How can I find the best bad credit loan?

When you have poor credit, it’s important to carefully compare all of your options before choosing a loan. Be sure to consider the interest rate, fees, and repayment terms before making your decision.

3. How can I improve my chances of loan approval?

You can improve your chances of getting a loan approval when you have poor credit by providing all of the required documentation, including proof of income, a list of debts and assets, and tax returns. You can also improve your chances by having a co-signer with good credit.

4. Will a bad credit loan help my credit score?

Taking a loan won’t necessarily help your credit score, but making regular payments on time will do a lot to improve your score. Personal loan lenders report payments to the credit bureaus, so making your payments on time will reflect positively on your score.

5. What are installment loans?

Installment loans are amounts repaid over time with a set number of scheduled payments. Personal loans, car loans, and student loans are all examples of installment loans. With installment loans, you’ll have a fixed monthly payment for the life of the loan, which can be anywhere from a few months to several years.

Get Guaranteed Loan Approval No Matter Your Credit History

Your credit history doesn’t have to stand in the way of getting approved for personal loans. With bad credit loans, you can get the money you need, regardless of your credit score. So, don’t let your credit history hold you back any longer – apply for a bad credit loan today from any of the reputable companies on this list. Chosen for their reputation, straightforward loan process, and guaranteed approval no matter your credit score or history, these companies can help you get the money you need when you need it.