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Colorado Rapids

Stan’s Secret Suite

Atop Denver’s Pepsi Center, Silent Stan harbors an extravagant private penthouse. Or so we’ve heard.

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The Unusual Suspects

Colorado’s lineup of professional athletes extends far beyond the Broncos, Rockies, Avs, and Nuggets. But would you recognize any of them on the street?

Pablo’s Proceeding Hairlines

Pablo’s Mastroeni’s hair has, ahem, changed over time. Check out his transformation through the years. 

Head Games

In 2014, soccer legend Pablo Mastroeni returned to the Colorado Rapids to take over as coach, leading the team to one of its worst records ever. Now he has a plan that might just save the squad—if he and his players can wrap their minds around it. 

A Sporting Life

A letter from the editor of our March 2015 issue.

Young Gun

A Q&A with Colorado Rapids’ key player Dillon Powers.

What’s That Sound: Vol. 3

Each Monday, on Facebook, we’ll give you a soundbite of what it is like to be behind-the-scenes at 5280 or out on the road with our reporters in Colorado. You guess where we are, and on Tuesdays, we’ll reveal the answers on


The Colorado Rapids hope to improve their game with high-tech help.

Well Worn

What happens to used pro sports jerseys?

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