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Tech Talk: Mimi

A Denver-based startup helps connect the elderly with assisted-living facilities.


Personalized Prostheses

A local VA clinic helps amputees customize their artificial limbs with artful designs.

It’s Personal

A letter from the editor of the 5280 Health 2016 issue. 

Health & Wellness Issues You Must Know About Right Now

New programs, novel treatments, nitty-gritty research, ongoing clinical trials, astute diagnostics, big-data sharing, forthcoming facilities, and state health statistics—and more!—that are important to every Coloradan’s well-being.


Unfit: Being Overweight in America’s Slimmest State

I moved to Colorado from the East Coast with hopes that the state’s culture of healthy eating and outdoor activity would encourage me to lose the weight I’d struggled with my entire life. It didn’t work—at least, not how I expected it to.  

Savings Prescribed

Denver’s RxRevu uses technology to make your meds more affordable.


Pot Talks

How to have the marijuana conversation with your kids.

Feeling No Pain

How medical marijuana stays relevant in a state with legalized recreational pot.

The Big Debut

Saint Joseph Hospital unveils its new, well-equipped building near downtown Denver. 

Cool Beans

We may not have a cure for cancer, but the latest tip in prevention? Load up on legumes.

Destination Wellness

Estes Park welcomes a new type of traveler: the medical tourist.


Numbers Can Lie

A letter from the editor of 5280 Health 2015.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Coloradans are supposedly models of contentedness—but are we really as blissful as we think we are?


Colorado is no stranger to deadly infectious diseases—in fact, our medical community is among the most experienced in the nation. We break down the lethal germs already present within our borders and explore how experts would battle new infiltrators.

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