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Only in Colorado

Only in Colorado: The Colorado Fourteeners Initiative

This local nonprofit is dedicated to building and maintaining sustainable hiking routes up each of our state's fourteeners—and educating hikers about how to protect our state's fragile ecosystems.


Only in Colorado: Tom’s Baby

After mysteriously disappearing for decades, Colorado’s largest chunk of gold was rediscovered—but it was several pounds lighter.

Only in Colorado: Trappers Lake

This sparkling alpine lake in northwestern Colorado’s Flat Tops Wilderness Area was the birthplace of America’s wilderness movement. 


Only in Colorado: Bishop Castle

Ostensibly the world’s largest one-man project, this quirky stronghold southwest of Pueblo is a testament to what one person can accomplish by steadfastly pursuing a dream.


Only in Colorado: UFO Watchtower

A small watchtower in the middle of the San Luis Valley is supposedly one of the best places on the planet to catch a glimpse of unidentified flying objects. 


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