Looking for a doctor?

OK, so the apple doesn’t always keep the doctor away. Sometimes you really do need to see a physician. But how do you choose which doc to see? For the ninth year in a row, 5280 has done your health care homework for you.

From the state’s list of more than 6,000 metro-area doctors, we randomly selected 4,000 physicians to receive our 2002 Top Doctors survey. We asked them to recommend other metro-Denver doctors whom they would trust with their own health or the health of a loved one. This year, 5280 also teamed up with News4 and their medical specialist, Dr. Dave Hnida, to provide further insight into the Denver health care industry.

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, we inadvertently omitted the ophthalmology and laser-eye surgery categories. We apologize, and promise to include a complete list of eye-care professionals next year.

The following listings include each doctor’s primary hospital affiliations, office address and phone number, and whether the doctor is ?currently accepting new patients. Previous winners have the corresponding years below their names. Because other factors such as insurance plans and proximity may influence your health care decisions, consider this list a jumping off point in the search for your top doctor.