The November 4 ballot will be the longest in Colorado history. It’s another reason to vote early and avoid expected long delays at your neighborhood polling place.

That said, progress was made late last night on the labor issues. Panorama has background here. The Rocky Mountain News reports that as a result of agreements between business and labor groups, four initiatives will be dropped from the ballot:

The measures that will not be put to a vote include: mandatory employee healthcare premiums, a safe workplace proposal, a just cause measure that limits employers’ ability to fire workers and a corporate fraud initiative that makes executives criminally liable for wrongdoing.

Three labor related initiatives remain on the ballot: 47, 49 and 54.

It’s not too early to get to know the initiatives. One site to check out is Colorado Ballot Information, which describes itself as a non-partisan progressive site.

We are an independent progressive group that has carefully and dispassionately evaluated all of the colorado amendments (ballot initiatives). We are not part of any group proposing or opposing these ballot initiatives.

It describes what each Amendment would do in a few sentences and provides pros and cons as well as its recommendation. It also has links to conservative sites that would view the initiatives differently.

If you don’t mind legalese, you can read the actual ballot initiatives at the Colorado Secretary of State’s webpage here.

You can check your voter registration online here. The voting deadlines as listed by the Secretary of State are:

  • The last day to register to vote is Monday, October 6th.
  • The last day to request an absentee ballot is October 28th.
  • Early voting runs from October 20th through October 31st.