Did you know that Departure hosts a Sunday-night-only American-Chinese feast—replete with so-much-better-than-takeout egg rolls and cashew chicken and perfect steamed rice—for just $23? Have you heard people talking about the modern Asian restaurant’s incredible brunch service, during which you can score finger-licking-good, crispy Korean-style fried chicken with pickles, a yuzu-hollandaise-drenched pork belly Benedict, and tamarind mimosas? Have you treated Departure’s X-ray-bedecked back room as your own private party spot, downing bottles of excellent sake to quench the fire brought on by spicy sushi rolls, masterful lemongrass tiger prawns, skirt steak bibimbap, and grilled marble potatoes with miso dressing? And have you sampled each and every one of Departure’s stunning desserts, some of the most creative and crave-worthy in the city? If not, get over to culinary director Gregory Gourdet and executive chef Khamla Vongsakoun’s Cherry Creek hot spot, like, now. $$$, 249 Columbine St., 720-772-5020