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CEO & Editor-in-Chief
Daniel Brogan

Vice President & Publisher
Zach Wolfel

Editorial Director
Geoff Van Dyke

Lindsey B. King

Art Director
David McKenna

5280 Magazine

Managing Editor
Jessica LaRusso

Senior Staff Writer
Robert Sanchez

Features Editor
Spencer Campbell

Senior Editor
Philip Clapham

Food Editor
Patricia Kaowthumrong

Assistant Food Editor
Riane Menardi Morrison

Senior Associate Editor
Nicholas Hunt

Associate Editor
Angela Ufheil

Research Editor
Barbara Urzua

Art & Photography

Photo Editor
Charli Ornett

Deputy Art Director
Sean Parsons

Deputy Photo Editor
Sarah Banks


Digital Editor
Shane Monaghan

Digital Assistant Editor
Fiona Murphy

Digital Assistant Editor
Madi Skahill

5280 Home

Michelle Johnson

Art Director
Dana P. Smith

Hilary Masell Oswald

Imaging Specialist
Sean Parsons

Associate Photo Editor
Sarah Banks

Research Editor
Kim Habicht

5280 Publishing, Inc.


Ad Director
Ari Ben

Senior Advertising Executive
Molly Duran

Advertising Executives
Angie Lund,
Heather Lowe,
Kara Noone,
Reann Queen,

Advertising & Marketing Coordinator
Tamara Curry


Marketing Director
Piniel Simegn

Brand Services

Brand Services Director
Carly Lambert

Print Operations Director
Megan Skolak

Creative Services Manager
Chelsea Conrad

Digital Advertising Manager
Shundra Jackson

Graphic Designer
Caitlin Brooks

Production Coordinator
Alyssa Chutka

Design Coordinator
Mylie Hiraoka

Circulation + Fulfillment Consultant
Greg Wolfe

Newsstand Consultant
Alan Centofante


Human Resources Manager
Derek Noyes

Office Manager
Todd A. Black

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