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Jenn Ridder, Kerry Tipper, Nicole Doheny, and Janel Forde

Meet the Mayor’s All-Female Senior Leadership Team

For the first time in Denver’s history, all of the senior staffers in the mayor’s office are women. Here’s what that means now—and for the city’s future.

Denver mayoral candidate Mike Johnston answers questions during a debate in the studios of Channel 7 News on May 23, 2023. The debate featured both Johnston and his opponent, Kelly Brough.

Is This Finally Mike Johnston’s Political Moment?

The former state senator has long been considered a rising star in Democratic politics. After failed bids for Colorado governor and the U.S. Senate, he’s now running for another prominent office: Denver mayor. His success could be determined by whether or not he’s able to convince some Mile High City voters he’s progressive enough.

A gray wolf in Washington state.

Can Wolves and Humans Peacefully Coexist?

Spokane-based reporter Eli Francovich’s newly released book, The Return of Wolves, explores the wolf-human divide and includes interviews with experts who can teach Coloradans what to expect when Canis lupus is reintroduced to the Centennial State.

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