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2020: The Year That Changed Everything

A look back at the many ways this remarkable year has altered Colorado—and all of us—for better or worse.

Black Lives Matter protest Colorado, summer 2020
Photo by Lindsey King

In January, we all knew this year would be tumultuous. Impeachment proceedings were ongoing as the new year began, and we harbored little doubt that the 11-month lead-up to the election would not only test the limits of dignity but also our mental fortitude. That something as historic as a presidential impeachment can seem mundane in retrospect illustrates just how far off the rails this year really went. The list of everything that went horribly awry is long—and, well, you were there so there’s no need to trudge out the litany. However, there’s no denying that 2020 was impactful; as such, we decided to investigate the manners in which this extraordinary year changed Colorado and Coloradans—sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse. Here, more than 20 ways 2020 altered our reality, maybe forever.

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