Summer is nearing its end, and you’ve finally got the backyard landscaping dialed in. The veggie-garden tomato crop is going gangbusters, and the grill is finely tuned after a season of perfect steaks. It’s time for an outdoor party. All you need now is a place for all those neighbors to gather around for your feast. Our suggestion: a rustic heirloom-quality table (pictured here) from Harvest Table Company in Lyons. Each one-of-a-kind piece, handcrafted from locally salvaged barn wood, can be built to your specifications (custom orders start at $2,500) or, if you live near Boulder, rented (for $75 per night). “One of our biggest challenges is locating barn wood from Colorado,” says woodworker and Harvest Table co-founder Carter White. “It’s something we strive to do. We contact people who have taken down their barns, but we’ve also taken down barns ourselves and harvested the wood.” The payoff: a fresh-air fête with a side of Colorado history. Where do we RSVP?