Charlotte Elich has happily held court in the charming Old South Pearl Street shopping district for 37 years, first at a yarn shop and then at 5 Green Boxes—a two-store combo that’s beloved for its cheeky gifts, whimsical fashion picks, gardening goodies, and colorful in-house furniture line. But when the invite came to occupy a coveted 500-square-foot retail spot in the redesigned Union Station, Elich couldn’t pass up the opportunity to bring her bohemian style downtown.

The new outpost is unmistakably 5 Green Boxes, stocked with slightly smaller finds—jewelry, scarves, easy-to-carry accessories—that align with the store’s signature style. “I have a quirky sense of humor, and I only buy what I like,” says Elich. “It’s not mainstream, and I think that’s why people come here.”

Shopping at any of 5 Green Boxes’ locations also means you’re likely to score a piece that’s one of a kind. Each fall, Elich dyes all the boiled wool that will be used in her custom furniture and accessories.
A chair lover, Elich searches estate sales for furniture that will get the 5 Green Boxes treatment before landing on the showroom floor. That may mean paint, decoupage, fabric embellishment, or possibly all three. Some customers buy directly from the store, while others come to her with custom orders.

But Elich’s picks all have one thing in common: color. “People need more color in their lives,” says Elich. And while she admits her own home doubles as a kaleidoscopic 5 Green Boxes annex, for most people, a hint of color is enough. Just don’t go looking for neutrals. Says Elich: “I don’t do beige.”

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