1) Involve your kids in planning the trip. Have a ski-gear costume party and put skis and boots near their toy chests for them to try on. Kids who are more familiar with the mountain experience will be less freaked out.

2) No more sending kids down the hill in “pizza pie” or “wedge.” Learning parallel (aka “french fry”) style right from the start allows new skiers to transfer knowledge of walking to skiing. Plus, they won’t need to relearn how to ski once the wedge becomes uncool.

3) Don’t try to teach your kids yourself. Put them in ski school (a progressive one, preferably). It will get them skiing faster, without the family drama. Or, get a small group of kids together for a private lesson and enjoy the mountain at your own grown-up speed.


Need more ideas for improving your kids’ on-mountain skills? Visit 5280.com/shred to learn about classes at Boulder’s new indoor gym, Shredder Kids.