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Chris Walker

Chris Walker joined 5280 as an associate editor in June 2022, and contributes stories for both 5280 Magazine and As a rule, he’s always on the hunt for stories that make him go “wow.” Chasing those stories has taken him around the globe; Walker’s award-winning reporting has spanned four continents for publications including The Atlantic, Playboy, the Atavist, VICE, NPR, Rock and Ice, Backpacker, Forbes, and LA Weekly – among others. In 2020, he released the narrative podcast series The Syndicate, about skydiving drug smugglers, which peaked at #9 on Apple’s top show chart. Prior to that, Walker was a staff writer for Denver’s alternative-weekly, Westword, where he specialized in feature stories. Those ranged from investigative pieces about immigration detention and police surveillance to more adventurous dives into secret LSD laboratories and anti-government militias. More information about Walker’s work, including a list of journalism awards, can be found at

Does Colorado Have a Mega Music Festival Curse?

When Arise Music Festival bit the dust in May, it joined a long list of vanquished predecessors. The grim joke is that Colorado has a music festival curse, but paranormal speculation aside, what’s really going on here?

5 of the Best Social Bike Rides Around Metro Denver

Cycling doesn’t have to mean pedaling grueling stretches of pavement or conquering mountain trails with knobby tires. Organized social ride lets you spin casually on your cruiser while dressed up as a zombie instead.

Skydiving With One of Denver’s Largest Marijuana Smugglers

A new podcast from Denver journalist Chris Walker investigates a multimillion-dollar, Colorado-based marijuana trafficking ring. Before The Syndicate drops this week, Walker recounts skydiving with one of the crew’s key members in order to secure his story.

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