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Chris Walker

Chris Walker joined 5280 as an associate editor in June 2022, and contributes stories for both 5280 Magazine and As a rule, he’s always on the hunt for stories that make him go “wow.” Chasing those stories has taken him around the globe; Walker’s award-winning reporting has spanned four continents for publications including The Atlantic, Playboy, the Atavist, VICE, NPR, Rock and Ice, Backpacker, Forbes, and LA Weekly – among others. In 2020, he released the narrative podcast series The Syndicate, about skydiving drug smugglers, which peaked at #9 on Apple’s top show chart. Prior to that, Walker was a staff writer for Denver’s alternative-weekly, Westword, where he specialized in feature stories. Those ranged from investigative pieces about immigration detention and police surveillance to more adventurous dives into secret LSD laboratories and anti-government militias. More information about Walker’s work, including a list of journalism awards, can be found at

Articles By Chris Walker

Dancers/dj at Stay Tuned

The Best Denver Culture and Nightlife of 2024

If you need a book to read, a place to dance, or a killer cocktail to sip, we’ve got all of that—and more.

5 Trippy Reasons to Attend the First-Ever Denver Shroom Fest

From lysergic art and music to on-site mushroom testing, the inaugural festival—held June 9 this year—is a celebration of all things psychedelic.

A Pair of Local Pilots Will Follow Legends Like Amelia Earhart During a Renowned Air Race This Month

Alaina Bravo and Amanda Willson, aka the Blonde Bombers, will touch down in Loveland at this year’s women-only Air Race Classic.

A bunch of people riding bikes while wearing giraffe costumes

The 8 Best Social Bike Rides On the Front Range

Cycling doesn’t have to mean pedaling grueling stretches of pavement or conquering mountain trails with knobby tires. Organized social rides let you spin casually on your cruiser while dressed up as a zombie instead.

Remembering Los Seis De Boulder on the 50th Anniversary of Their Deaths

The unsolved bombings that killed six activists in Boulder remain an open wound for Colorado’s Chicano community.

Portrait of author Josh Berman

How This New Colorado Hiking Guidebook Healed its Author

After suffering a herniated disk, Joshua Berman was given one directive from his doctor: Walk a lot.

Deion Sanders on the football field

It’s Prime Time: Meet the New Donor Group That Could Transform CU Boulder’s Football Program

NIL deals have paved the way for a newly formed booster organization called 5430 Alliance to pay University of Colorado student-athletes.

The High Line Canal path

High Line Canal to be Transformed with $100 Million in Investments

Over the next five years, the 71-mile-long path will receive major upgrades that will improve access and amenities, as well as secure its preservation for decades to come.

4 Winter-Perfect Activities for Summer Vibes Around Denver

Come March, even Colorado’s ski bums are ready to book the next flight to Cabo for a little heat. But you don’t have to leave the Front Range to enjoy summer vibes.

New Documentary Dives into the Lore Behind Frozen Dead Guy Days

Between possible celebrity sightings and screenings of internationally renowned films, be sure to catch Frozen Dead Guy Days at the Boulder International Film Festival.

A New Podcast Explores the Montrose Funeral Home Scandal that Rocked Colorado

We spoke with Ashley Fantz, the host of Cover Up: Body Brokers, a just-released audio series that dives into the shady world of selling body parts and the Sunset Mesa Funeral Home fiasco.

The 6 Best Ways to Help Migrants in Denver

Whether you’ve got money or time to spare, here is a list of ways you can donate, volunteer, and support local businesses that are assisting newcomers.

Three glasses of Pliny the Younger.

The Story Behind Colorado’s Infatuation with Pliny the Younger

This year marks the 20th anniversary release of the fan-favorite triple IPA from Russian River Brewing Company. But how did a California brewery develop such a cult following in beer-centric Colorado?

Jenn Ridder, Kerry Tipper, Nicole Doheny, and Janel Forde

Meet the Mayor’s All-Female Senior Leadership Team

For the first time in Denver’s history, all of the senior staffers in the mayor’s office are women. Here’s what that means now—and for the city’s future.

3 Projects From Local Wellness Experts, Just In Time For Your New Year’s Resolution

Self-improvement doesn’t always have to take the form of a gym membership or a healthier diet.

Meet the Con Artist Who Deceived the Front Range Tech Community

When Aaron Clark disappeared from Colorado, he left hundreds of thousands of dollars unaccounted for. His employees, contractors, and investors are still wondering who he really was—and where he is today.

Could a Federal Lawsuit Close the Suncor Refinery?

An environmental watchdog has sued the EPA, hoping a federal appeals court will force the government agency to reconsider the Suncor Refinery’s operating permit.

Breckenridge's Ullr Fest

Can Breckenridge’s Ullr Fest Regain the World’s Longest Shot Ski Record?

The Utah upstarts keep trying to steal Breck’s glory. But at this December’s Ullr Fest, Colorado has a chance to reclaim its shot ski crown.

What We Learned at Colorado’s First Psychedelic Cup

Mushroom cultivators and science converged at the Centennial State’s first awards ceremony for psychedelic fungi excellence.

3 Films With Gripping Colorado Storylines to Watch at the 2023 Denver Film Festival

The Hollywood strikes made planning film fests difficult, but the Denver Film Festival could offer consistency amid the chaos by focusing on indie films, particularly ones with strong Colorado ties.

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