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Eli Stokols

Articles By Eli Stokols

Man On A Mission

On the road with state GOP chairman Ryan Call as he tries to navigate the most unforgiving job in Colorado politics.

The New Front in Dudley Brown’s War: Jefferson County

Forward Progress

After playing a key role in turning Colorado blue, are the state’s best-known liberal hell-raisers losing their mojo?

That’s a Wrap: A Recap of Colorado’s Legislative Season

Shakedown: 2013 in Review

Colorado’s politics have been, in a word, chaotic.

Dudley Brown’s War

The executive director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners has been aiming to remake Colorado politics using hyper-aggressive and confrontational political strategies. 

Politics: Whiplash at the Capitol

Having trouble keeping up with the Capitol’s mood these days? Eli Stokols sorts through the muck on how the Democrats and Republicans are doing.

Special Report: Bluer Than Blue: What’s Wrong With Colorado Republicans?

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