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Erin Skarda

5280 Contributor

Erin Skarda is a Denver-based writer and the former 5280 digital editor. Before moving back to her hometown of Denver in 2012, Erin worked at various national media outlets in New York City. Most recently, she acted as homepage editor at TIME, where she coordinated the site’s editorial content and photography, edited articles, and honed her headline-writing skills. She holds a master’s degree in publishing from New York University, with a focus in digital and print media, and a bachelor’s degree in technical journalism from Colorado State University. Erin has a passion for animals, yoga, travel, and the great outdoors, and currently resides in Golden with her husband, son, daughter, dogs, and cat.

5280’s 10 Best Longreads of 2020

There were no lack of big stories to cover this year. From experiencing homelessness in a pandemic to Denver’s new generation of Black leadership and the big tech company making a move to Colorado, here are the long-form stories that captured readers’ attention.

Ohana Yoga + Barre

How 2020 Has Affected the Way We Exercise

With reduced capacities and decreased revenues devastating local gyms and fitness studios, many are going online to build community—and attempt to save their businesses.

childcare setting during COVID-19

How 2020 Has Affected the Way We Think About Childcare

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately 10 percent of childcare centers have closed throughout the state, further exacerbating an already fraught (and financially untenable) situation for families.

5280’s 10 Best Longreads 2019

From the bizarre saga of Balloon Boy to profiles of notable Coloradans, these are the long-form stories that captured readers’ attention this year.

Lorena Garcia’s Senate Campaign Comes to an End

Lorena Garcia has worked in local nonprofits for her entire career, pushing legislation that supports Colorado families. Now, she sees an opportunity to affect change on a larger scale, as a U.S. senator.

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