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More Than 100 Endangered Black-Footed Ferrets Got a COVID-19 Vaccine Before You

It’s likely that this native mammal, which was brought back from the brink of extinction just four decades ago, is highly susceptible to the novel coronavirus. And with only 250 of the species in captivity, scientists developed a vaccine to protect them.

Demand for Gig Workers Is Soaring During the Pandemic

While contract or flexible employment is even more sought after during the COVID-19 pandemic, these workers often lack the benefits that come with more traditional jobs. Will that ever change?

gold panning

You Can Strike Gold Right Here in Colorado

So you wanna be a gold-digger? No seriously—here’s how to get started with gold-panning in Colorado.

How to Learn to Skateboard (aka, Fall on Your Ass With Grace)

When COVID-19 cleared Denver’s streets of cars, one local writer faced an existential question: skate or die?


In a Historic Move, Gov. Jared Polis Clears Thousands of Low-Level Marijuana Convictions

In June, the Colorado General Assembly passed a bill that allows governors to grant mass pardons for low-level marijuana convictions.

Clinica Colorado Provides Telehealth Services to Undocumented Immigrants

CovidLine is a free, bilingual telehealth hotline people can call to speak with volunteer doctors and medical students if they are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.

Denver’s Gig Economy Workers Share Their Stories

Caught between the new coronavirus and earning a living, the Mile High City’s independent workforce opens up about how Lyft, Amazon, Instacart, and others are supporting them (or not) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Denver Residents Are Coping with the Anxiety of the Coronavirus

Even if you’re not showing COVID-19 symptoms, you might be dealing with a fair amount of anxiety, and that’s totally normal. Here’s what that looks like for Denver residents right now.

Will Denver Public Schools Sell Rosedale Elementary to the Catholic Archdiocese?

The school building in the Rosedale neighborhood has been vacant since 2005. Now, the Archdiocese of Denver wants to make it a high school—and not everyone’s happy about that.

Your Questions About This Year’s Flu, Answered

And yes…your questions about coronavirus too.

Get Naked (And Centered) at This Yoga Studio in Five Points

Run by former police officer Ali Duncan, Urban Sanctuary isn’t your typical yoga studio. It offers a range of unique classes— hello naked yoga—and other healing practices.

DIA travel

DIA’s Ongoing Construction Is a Nightmare. Here’s How to Navigate It This Holiday Season

From where to park to how to skirt the lengthy check-in lines and where the terminal restrooms are located these days, here’s everything you need to know to stay merry while traveling this holiday season.

What Does It Mean to “Send It”?

I interviewed climbers, retail workers, Twitter users, a linguistics professor, and even Sendy McSendersend himself to unravel the mystery of the ubiquitous phrase and where it came from.

Could Magic Mushrooms Soon Be Used for Therapy in Denver?

Local experts are advocating for more psychological, emotional, and spiritual support for those who experiment with psilocybin. But for now, these services remain illegal.

Will Lower Speed Limits Actually Prevent Traffic Deaths in Denver?

Denver continues to grapple with the problem of vehicles killing or injuring cyclists and pedestrians. Will lower speed limits and the city’s new initiatives help the cause?

The Plague Has Killed Prairie Dogs in Commerce City. Is More Wildlife at Risk?

Humans are probably safe, but in general the plague is a risk to wildlife throughout the west, and a pretty big one at that.

Why Lakewood Residents Voted to Limit New Housing

Earlier this month, Lakewood decided to cap the number of residential developments that can go up each year. Here’s what that means for Colorado’s fifth-largest city.

Ready for Relief and Healing? Try Sound Bathing.

The modality of healing is effective, easy, and accessible. Here’s what you need to know about sound bathing—plus five places to try this alternative practice in Denver.

Ready to Hang? Here Are 3 Local Studios Where You Can Try Aerial Yoga

Whether you’re nursing a back injury or just want to experience the thrill of levitation, aerial yoga is a playful way to improve the health of your mind and body.

Denver Officially Has a Blueprint for the Next 20 Years of Growth

On Monday night, City Council approved Blueprint Denver, a 300-page document that will inform the Mile High City’s next 20 years of growth and development.

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