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Henry Carnell

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More Exciting Than Watching Grass Grow: Restoring Colorado’s Prairie Could Help Fight Climate Change

Fendi Despres isn’t just trying to save eastern Colorado’s shortgrass prairie from development and invasive species; she wants to restore the grasslands to their former, carbon-storing glory.

The three owners of Lady Justice stand in front of a mural.

3 Queer-Owned Food and Drink Spaces Serving Denver’s LGBTQ+ Community

Quince Coffee House, Cattivella, and Lady Justice Brewing each have a unique approach to serving the local queer community.

Celebrating Mahler: How Colorado Became Home to the Longest-Running Festival for One of the World’s Greatest Composers

Colorado MahlerFest, a weeklong Boulder-based celebration of the life and music of Austrian composer Gustav Mahler, kicks off its 36th annual event May 17–21.

Colorado Could Look Drastically More Arid, Less Green in 100 Years

A new study on plant cover and megadrought conditions in the Colorado Plateau region shows the future of the Centennial State might be more barren than we thought.

Reverend Nicole Garcia Is Preaching Inclusive Faith

The Colorado-based, trans Latina pastor is advocating for Christianity focused on community rather than sin and repentance.

The Beginner’s Guide to Ultimate in Denver

No longer just your backyard sport, ultimate disc is heating up in the Centennial State.

Meet Will Betke-Brunswick, the Boulder Cartoonist Tackling Life’s Conundrums Through Comics

The graphic novelist uses playfully illustrated animals to unpack topics like their mother’s terminal cancer and coming out as genderqueer in their debut memoir, A Pros and Cons List for Strong Feelings.

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