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Kathryn Roethel Rieck

Articles By Kathryn Roethel Rieck

9 Questions About Amendment 69, Answered

Before you cast your ballot, learn more about ColoradoCare, the historic constitutional amendment that would create a new statewide health-care system. 

Colorado Lags Behind Nationwide Demographic Shift

The majority-minority crossover for Colorado’s youngest citizens is still more than a decade away.

Can Medical Marijuana Save the U.S. Millions?

Medicare data shows that states with medical marijuana had a significant decline in drug prescriptions for conditions associated with cannabinoid and cannabis treatment.

Forget Being A Swing State. What Are Colorado’s Swing Counties?

Colorado—a staunchly purple state—has a curiously small number of counties with a divided electorate. 

The Rise of the Girly Beers

Recent research finds that there are certain types of brews that females prefer—and they’re flying off the shelves. 

What Denver and Silicon Valley Have in Common

And why it might be bad news for the rest of the country. 

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