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Lily Capstick

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How 4 of the State’s Most Colorful Fishing Flies Got Their Names

Intricately designed flies aren’t the only way Colorado tiers show off their imaginations.

These Crazy Items Were Found Inside Used Books

Denver booksellers reveal some of the strange ephemera they’ve found between pages.

Celebrate Colorado’s 144th Birthday with Free Museums and More

When History Colorado is in charge of the festivities, there are endless ways to celebrate the Centennial State’s big day on August 1.

The World’s Largest Firefighting Plane Is Based in Colorado

We gathered the stats to show you how the Colorado Springs-based Global SuperTanker helps put out wildfires everywhere from the Amazon to California.

5 Movies By Colorado Filmmakers To Watch Now

Visiting movie theaters may be on pause, but you can still keep up with the latest shorts, documentaries, and comedies made by Coloradans.

An Update on COVID-19 Treatments Being Researched in Colorado

Colorado-based clinical trials for COVID-19 treatment have taken place at a blistering pace. We caught up with experts from UCHealth, Centura, and Kaiser to get the latest.

Denver Prepares to Sign Scooter and E-Bike Companies to a Long-Term License

Will the city’s plan leave low-income riders behind?

3 Local Services Improving the Lives of Carless Denverites

If you’re nervous about getting rid of your pollution-spewing ride, these local resources for vehicle-free residents will ease your mind.

How to Virtually Engage in Colorado Theater

From new play readings to behind-the-scenes access, these local theater companies are making it easy to experience theater online in the age of COVID-19.

National Jewish Is Now Testing for COVID-19 Antibodies. Here’s What You Need to Know

We spoke with Jay Finigan, a pulmonologist at National Jewish Health and director of the Respiratory Centers of Excellence, to find out more about the test, who should get it, and if a positive result indicates immunity.

Interactive New Play Festival Thrives in Boulder

Put on your dramaturge hat and take a seat at the writer’s table at this three-day play development festival, featuring three new American plays, eight short plays written by local middle school students, and plenty of parties. 

10 of Colorado’s Best Hot Springs to Visit in the Winter

Our scorching-hot picks for a daytrip or weekend vacation full of mineral springs, geothermal pools, and breathtaking views.

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