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Maya Chiodo

the reminders 4th of july

10 Ways to (Safely) Celebrate the Fourth of July

Whether you want to dive into history, enjoy a quaint evening in the park, or get a dose of that live music you’ve been missing, there are plenty of ways to celebrate America safely this year.

Bike Lane, helmet safety

The Way We Talk About Bike Helmets Is a Problem

When it comes to motor vehicle-bicycle collisions in Colorado, we often start by asking whether the cyclist was wearing a helmet. Safety advocates say that’s a troubling form of victim blaming.

Lorez Meinhold Caring 4 Denver

Caring for Denver Issues First Grants Worth About $2 Million

In 2018, voters approved a $0.25 sales tax by passing the Caring for Denver ballot initiative. Now, a newly formed foundation is starting to dole out grants to programs that help Denverites experiencing mental health and substance misuse challenges get treatment.

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