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Michael Behar

Freelance Writer

Michael Behar is a freelance writer based in Boulder.

Articles By Michael Behar

The Man Who Saved the Nation From One of the Worst Environmental Disasters in History

Hugh Bennett was critical in rescuing the United States from the Dust Bowl. Yet almost no one has ever heard of him.

Are We Witnessing a Digital News Revolution in Denver?

A few small Mile High City–based digital media organizations attempt to remake local journalism.

Does Time Stand Still in the Wilderness?

One Colorado man decides to find out if science can explain why the minutes and hours seem to expand when we venture outdoors.

The First-Ever Attempt to Paraglide the Length of Colorado’s Rockies

A Carbondale-based paraglider attempts to soar the length of Colorado’s Rockies—capricious alpine weather be damned.


Can I-70’s Mountain Corridor Ever Be Fixed?

With CDOT’s dreadfully inadequate coffers and Colorado’s soaring population, our state’s most critical east-to-west highway is on a serious collision course.

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