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Sara Fleming

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What You Need to Know About Colorado’s Redistricting Process

The state’s new independent redistricting commissions will draw the maps that shape the political landscape for the next 10 years. Will the process be able to ensure fairness amid data delays and rampant polarization?

S. Park Hill

The East Area Plan Is Igniting Debate About Denver’s Development and Growth

In East Denver, the city’s Neighborhood Planning Initiative has stirred intense controversy. How will the battle among YIMBYs, NIMBYs, and even the QUIMBYs (we’ll explain) impact the future of the city?

Composting Is Great for the Environment. So Why Is Denver So Bad at It?

In 2017, the city rolled out its Denver Composts program to all single-family residences in hopes to reduce the waste sent to landfills. But as of last month, less than 13 percent of eligible households are enrolled. Will officials be able to close the gap?

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