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Sarah Lamagna

Sarah is an ecologist-turned-freelance writer specializing in the outdoors, environmental education, and advocacy. Her fifteen years working for environmental agencies (including Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Bureau of Land Management) gives her a unique voice when covering our current outdoor news climate. When she isn’t in front of her computer gathering bylines, she’s out on the trails chasing after her adventurous and curious 3-year old son.

Articles By Sarah Lamagna

Can the Colorado Climate Corps Help Prevent Devastating Wildfires?

Experts say the new work relief program is only part of the puzzle.

Can Neguse’s Climate Corps Extinguish Colorado’s Record Wildfires?

Representative Joe Neguse’s proposal to create a national workforce dedicated to the management of natural ecosystems drew inspiration from President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. But it also aims to remedy some of the problems FDR’s program created.

Are Wildfires a Natural Solution to Overcrowding on Colorado’s Trails?

It has been a massive (and in some cases tragic) year for Colorado wildfires. One silver lining? Some fragile ecosystems may now be able to recover without human impact.

Off the Beaten Path: 7 Socially Distanced Trails to Hike This Fall

Fall just might be Colorado’s best hiking season—just ask the crowds who will hit the trails in search of foliage. Find some solitude (and social distance) at these under-appreciated hikes.

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