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Sarah Vitak

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A New Bill Would Make Culturally Relevant Training Available to Colorado Health Care Professionals

The legislation centers on making health care more inclusive for the LGBTQ community, as well as other priority populations.

A Boulder Astrophysicist Discusses His New Theory on the Dinosaur-Killing Asteroid

We spoke with David Nesvorny about the supercomputing model he used to figure out where the giant space rock came from, as well as when another one could be headed our way.

Gender Inclusive Biology Samuel Long

Can This Denver Teacher Make Biology Class More Inclusive?

Samuel Long has a history of working for equity for LGBTQ students and staff in education. His work on gender inclusive biology carries on that tradition.

What You Need to Know About Kids and the COVID-19 Vaccines

We spoke with a pediatric infectious disease expert about where we’re at with distributing shots to kids, reasons for them to get inoculated, and the best resources for understanding vaccine efficacy.

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