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Bike Lane, helmet safety

The Way We Talk About Bike Helmets Is a Problem

When it comes to motor vehicle-bicycle collisions in Colorado, we often start by asking whether the cyclist was wearing a helmet. Safety advocates say that’s a troubling form of victim blaming.

Does Hyperloop Still Have a Future in Colorado?

It’s been more than a year since the prospect of hyperloop technology made a splash on the Front Range. But after one of the most anticipated projects fell apart, it’s unclear if—and when—Colorado might be home to futuristic transportation.

Electric Scooters Are Leaving Denver Sidewalks

On Monday night, Denver City Council approved an ordinance requiring electric scooters to be ridden in bike lanes or on roads rather than on sidewalks, bringing clarity to what has been a confusing several months for scooter riders, city officials, and pedestrians.

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