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The Inside Story of the Colorado Avalanche’s Turnaround

A little more than two years ago, the Colorado Avalanche were among the worst teams in the NHL. Then the Avs made back-to-back playoff appearances, and this year, with a talented young lineup, they might well be Stanley Cup contenders. Here’s your guide to one of the league’s most exciting teams—both on and off the ice.

Who Are Colorado’s Next Generation of Farmers?

America's farmers are aging, and Colorado isn't immune from the trend. But the state's next generation of agricultural producers—who are educated, well-intentioned, and focused on sustainability—offers a glimmer of hope for the future.

Colorado’s 2020 Senate Candidates: Lorena Garcia

Lorena Garcia has worked in local nonprofits for her entire career, pushing legislation that supports Colorado families. Now, she sees an opportunity to affect change on a larger scale, as a U.S. senator.

Dan Baer Suspends Senate Campaign

We spoke to the former Obama administration ambassador and career public servant before he ended his U.S. Senate campaign on September 12.

Mike Johnston Suspends Senate Campaign

We spoke to the former teacher, school principal, state senator, and one-time gubernatorial candidate before he suspended his campaign for U.S. Senate on September 3.

Alice Madden Suspends Senate Campaign

We spoke with the former state legislator and Obama administration vet before she dropped out of the U.S. Senate race on October 11.

John Walsh Suspends Senate Campaign

We spoke to the former U.S. attorney for Colorado, John Walsh, before he suspended his campaign for U.S. Senate on September 11.

Colorado’s 2020 Senate Candidates: Angela Williams

As a sitting legislator, Williams says her recent track record—with successes in building coalitions and tackling environmental issues—ensures that she's ready to represent Colorado in Washington, D.C.

What Would Landmark Designation Mean for Tom’s Diner?

On August 26, City Council will vote on whether to designate the East Colfax diner as a historic landmark, against the wishes of owner Tom Messina. With his property (and his future) on the line, is a suitable solution possible?

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