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Denver’s Mayoral Candidates 2019: Penfield Tate III

The longtime attorney and legislator is taking aim at development and advocating for responsible growth. A vocal critic of Mayor Hancock, Tate says he'll be quick to address homelessness in Denver and will bring harmony back to a city that's losing a grip on its cultural past.

Denver’s Mayoral Candidates 2019: Kalyn Rose Heffernan

The activist, musician, and artist started her campaign a year ago as a joke. But she's taken a serious turn. Now, she's "rolling for office" to help people experiencing homelessness and make the city more accessible to those with disabilities.

Denver’s Mayoral Candidates 2019: Lisa Calderón

One of the mayor's most vocal opponents with years of experience in activism, Calderón helped organize the "Time's Up Hancock" rally a year ago. Now, she wants to bring equity, fairness, and justice back to the city's highest elected office.

Denver’s Mayoral Candidates 2019: Jamie Giellis

Most well known for her work in RiNo, Giellis wants to introduce large-scale infrastructure reform. The urban planning expert has strong ties to the Zeppelin family and hopes to transform the way people live in and move around Denver.

State Representative Leslie Herod Has a Story to Share

Forget political stereotypes: This history-making legislator is unapologetically progressive, is insistent that state government can be bipartisan (even now), and wants to transform the criminal justice system. And that's just the start of her ambitions.

Walker Stapleton’s New Beard Is Incredible and He Knows It

After November’s election, Walker Stapleton grew a beard that lit social media on fire. What prompted the former state treasurer and once-gubernatorial hopeful to change his look? And why don't more Colorado politicians sport facial hair?  

Meet Joe Neguse, Colorado’s First African-American Congressman

The freshman representative from Colorado's 2nd Congressional District might be new to Congress, but he's no stranger to politics. Here, Joe Neguse talks about climate change, health care, public lands, and what his historic win means to him.

A Blue Wave Crashes Into Colorado in the 2018 Midterms

Colorado Democrats had a lot to celebrate on Tuesday night, as the party swept every statewide race, picked up a congressional seat, and flipped the state Senate. But the shift wouldn't have been possible without a swell of support from young, independent, and female voters.

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