There are two types of videos that always bring me to happy tears when they pop up on my social media feeds: military members reuniting with their dogs after a deployment, and people with monochromacy—complete color blindness—trying on corrective glasses and seeing green trees and blue skies for the first time. I may be a sap, but the latter videos are good reminders of color’s visceral, emotional impact on us. It’s why we yo-yo between paint samples—Blue-green? Gray-blue? How about deep navy?—and why I currently have six swatches of warm whites taped to my living room wall. Depending on the desired outcome, the right color can add a burst of energy to a space or have a calming, grounding effect—and if a hue is even slightly off, it can alter the feel of an entire room.

This issue highlights local spaces that harness the power of color, from a Bow Mar home with playful pops of saturated hues (“An Ultra-Fresh Take on the Suburban Ranch”) to a Morrison residence outfitted with spunky, jewel-toned interiors (“A Groovy, Watercolor-Inspired Wallpaper Sets a Playful Tone in This Morrison Home”)—both of which are featured as our first-ever dual cover stars (one sent to you subscribers, one for those of you who grabbed this issue on newsstands). I hope the following pages help you find the perfect color matches for your own home—even if it takes several paint swatches and a bit of trial and error to get there.